Looking for a code word?

by TG's Claire | Apr 08, 2019


Hey TGs, if you're looking for the code word to enter a comp in the October issue of TG, you're in the right place. Watch all the way through!

Newsstand sales of this issue of Total Girl comes with Fluffy Slime in Pop Pink or Perf Purple PLUS a sparkly Moon Charm (peep inside the mag for fun tutorials using the charms). Tay Tay is back on the cover coz we can't get enough of Lover. Plus pull out the massive mega poster featuring pretty much every fandom we could think of!

Enjoy the issue, TGs xoxo


  1. 12 Eleonora 15 Apr
    Cool! I cant wait woohoo!
  2. 11 Jules 19 Apr
    Hey TG!
    I got this mag and defs awesome! I love reading your mags when Ima really bored!
    Hope to know what the next mag star will be on for June's issue.
  3. 10 Paige 23 Apr
    OMG! So excited!!! TG! I have some goooooood news. like of course I have some of your mags! I got this today I got Season 201 Taylors Funniest Moments and I have a few more! :3 might enter one of the comps! XOX Paige
  4. 9 Joy 27 Apr
    Hi i just have a random question, in the latest total girl magazine there is know key word for the gobbler scooter.
  5. 8 TG's Claire 07 May
    Hey Joy, have you watched the video in this blog post? I say the code word in this video :)
  6. 7 Summer 20 Jul
    I have the mag and it is awesome. It is now my fav because I love animals.
  7. 6 Summer 20 Jul
    I have the mag and it is awesome! It is now my fav because of all the animals.
  8. 5 Alia 23 Jul
    This is my first ever issue - I’m so excited! 
  9. 4 Philly 16 Aug
    I love total girl 
  10. 3 Macie 17 Aug
    Hi love your books they are amazing good luck making more!🤩
  11. 2 Felicity 09 Sep
  12. 1 Africa 09 Sep
    Woo hoooooooo! cant wait!


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