The Secret Life of Pets goss!

by TG's Claire | Aug 29, 2016
Hey TGs!

I LOVE ANIMALS. Literally, like all of them. Every time I encounter any dog or cat I basically melt into a puddle. They are my fave, especially Pomeranians (have you SEEN a Pomeranian? It's a fluffy teddy bear dog with a smiling face). So when I learnt the Sydney premiere of The Secret Life of Pets would include a pet cuddle station, I was beside myself. I mean really. Also, The Secret Life of Pets has a Pomeranian character - Gidget, a white-haired girl pomy who is friends with the terrier hero Max. What I'm saying is, this was the exact right event for me. 

Check out the Secret Life Of Pets trailer HERE!

I should say the pet cuddle station was done well and we didn't overhandle or scare the pets, which is incredibly important, don't you think? I was tempted to run across the room screaming, "OMG YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER" at the sight of the creatures, but restrained myself to a polite pat. All animals were there with their owners so they were A-OK. 

Here I am with my new friend Jackson.
Jackson the poodle 
This is a cat called Ember, who is a Highlander. Look at her amazing curly ears. 
Ember the cat

 This Ruby. Don't you love her adorbs posing? 
Ruby the dog
This guy is Red the standard poodle. His fur was so soft, curly and beautiful. Red won my heart for sure. 
TG's Claire and Red the poodle

But what about the movie, I hear you say. I really do think you guys will LOVE IT. It's so much fun and terribly, terribly cute (like when I saw the puppy versions of Max and Duke the cuteness was almost TOO MUCH). Also, did I mention there's a Pomeranian? I think every single film should include them. Don't you? 

But where would this goss blog be without some goss? Here you go:

1. If Duke's voice sounds familiar, it's because it's the voice of Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cam on Modern Family - one of Lily's super funny, loveable dads. 

2. Keep an eye out for the gnome from the short film Mower Minions, which screens before The Secret Life of Pets. This gnome pops up near the end. 

3. The opening scene features a song by one of your fave singers EVER, guess who? 

Are you going to see The Secret Life of Pets? It's out September 8.
xoxo Claire


  1. 14 Natalie 02 Sep
    Hey Claire!
    Yes, I will be going to see 'the secret life of pets'. I can't wait!

    Btw, the pets are SUPER cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so lucky to get to pat them!

    From Natalie.
  2. 13 Mia 03 Sep
    So cute!!! Thank you Claire for reviewing The Secret Life of Pets!! :) I am tots going to see it 
  3. 12 Mia 04 Sep
    Dear Claire,
    Could you please review the movie Harry Potter when it comes out? Only if you want to.
  4. 11 Linh 04 Sep
    OMG! All of them are so adorbs!! I just LOVE the way Ruby poses. Cute animals are MY LIFE. 
    Thanks Claire!
  5. 10 TG's Claire 05 Sep
    @ Natalie - OMG yes don't forget to tell us all what you thought of it once you see it! Do you have any pets of your own? Pets are awesome, I love them. 

    @ Mia - You're so welcome! Def go see this movie, it's the cutest and it's also super funny. Re: the new Harry Potter flick - oh yeah defs will if I get a chance since I am a super fan of HP. Do you know which Hogwarts house you'd be in if you got sorted? 

    @ Linh - yes I love Ruby too! She was so sweet and happy and lively. Cute animals are ALSO my life. 
  6. 9 Natalie 08 Sep
    No, I have no pets. The pet that I had recenlty died of old age. It's so sad I had her for 6 years!!!
  7. 8 Claire 09 Oct
    I love your blog! Please keep on doing more movies, they are so cool! We also share the same name! <3 
  8. 7 Jess 16 Jan
    I love secret life of pets! Best eva!!! How gute is Gidget!?!?
  9. 6 Jennifer 18 Mar
    Hi Claire!!
     I loved the secret life of pets!!! 

    I have a few pets a cockatiel called Blaze he is sooo cute and a dog called Karma she is a cross of a Doberman and Huntaway then. we have 7 pet sheep and a lot of chickens two of our sheep we bottle raised the two are called Misty and Cocoa they are soooo cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  10. 5 TG's Claire 20 Mar
    Hey Jennifer!

    Oh your pets sound so cute! Blaze and Karma, what awesome names! You have so many pets it makes me wonder whether you live on a farm - do you? I think your life with your many cool creatures could make a good story for Real-Life Read so feel free to email us at
  11. 4 Jennifer 21 Mar
    hi Claire!!! Yeah it is a farmish sort of thing we used to have goats too! Well I guess it is a farm but I love it!!! I will think about sending an email!
  12. 3 Jennifer 19 Apr
    Hi Claire!!
    im the same Jennifer as the one with Blaze karma misty cocoa 5 more sheep and lots of chickens and used to have goats anyway I just wanted to say...... OMTG!!!! We are getting two ducks!! I can't wait!!!!! It's really fun getting a house ready for them and its really great bc we have two big lakes SO EXITED!
  13. 2 jennifer 25 Apr
    the ducks are sooo cute!!!! but i really dont know what to name them but my parents want to call them Donald Duck and Daisy Duck ( they r boy and girl ) i dont really like it though i was thinking something like cute like Blu or something but they are SOOO CUTE!!!! they are black and white the person who gave them to us did not say what breed they are so i searched it up and they could be a rare breed!!!
  14. 1 Nethara 01 Jun
    I LOOOOVVVVEEEEEE pets too! Like i've been begging and begging for a pet. All i got was a canible, savage fish. I MUCH rather have a dog or at least a cat. Even my wallpaper is a picture of a cute ferret!


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