• I Met Ross Lynch And R5!

    by Jess | Jan 27, 2016

    Hey buddies!


    I hope you’re all well! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on my shenanigans, so allow me to fill you in on aaaallll the things.


    I’m sure lots of you are fans of R5 right? 

    Well guess what…? 


    I got to go hang out with them while they were here in Sydney on tour! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

    And the best part was that they were all SOOOOO nice. Like, so lovely!


    I got to chat to them about what they’re getting up to while they’re in Australia and what their plans are for this year (spoiler alert: they all want to get a house and move in together, cute!) and we also made a super funny video where they had to give me five things that started with ‘R’ for a bunch of different subjects – it was pretty hilarious (Ross couldn’t think of many, LOL!). 


    I brought up the fact that my last name is ALSO Lynch, so basically, I should be the 6th member. They totally agreed (but I don’t know how useful I’d be… I can maybe play the triangle? Haha!)


    I also told Rocky how my Golden Retriever is also called Rocky Lynch – so he should feel proud to share a name with such a magnificent creature. He was pretty stoked!


    Rocky Lynch - who wore it better?

    Rocky Lynch & Rocky Lynch – who wore it better?


    Check out this pic I got with them, too. I could totally be a member of the band, right? Just the much shorter member I guess (they’re all really tall!).

    R5 and Jess

    It was an awesome day, and I’m so excited for you guys to read all the goss they told me it in the April issue of TG!


    Also, don’t forget to grab the March issue too, because I don’t want to give too much away, but I got to do a REALLY fun shoot with one lucky TG reader; we had sooo much fun!


    What have you guys been up to? Let me know in the comments!


    Laters friends,

    Jess x

  • Happy Holidays TGs!

    by Jess | Dec 16, 2015

    Hey guys!


    It’s your pal Jess here again!


    I hope you’ve all been awesome. It’s been super busy here in the TG office making another great issue for you guys to read!


    I love this time of year because alllllll the holidays are pretty close together – can you believe it’s almost Christmas already?! I swear the year went soooooo fast!

    Speaking of Christmas, what are you guys hoping to get?

    I really want to get some cool rings or a necklace – I love fun and weird looking jewellery! I also saw some really cool dog collars I want to get my three dogs – they get so spoiled at Christmas! Last year my parents got them each a Christmas stocking full of dog treats and they were so happy that they gobbled them down in like one minute!

    Jess and her dog

    I also love the holiday season coz I get to hang out with my dogs more often and get to do fun things with my friends, like go to the beach and hang out.


    What are you guys excited to do at the end of the year? It’s fun to think of all the cool things you can do with all that extra time!


    Speak soon friends!

    Jess x

  • Fun At The ARIAs!

    by Jess | Dec 07, 2015

    Well hello there, TGers!


    I hope you’re all having an amazing week so far (and are super excited coz it’s almost the holidays, YAY!)


    So I’ve had a really busy few weeks, (mostly creating a bunch of exciting entertainment stuff for you guys to read in the next issue of TG!) but recently I was lucky enough to attend the ARIA Awards alongside TG’s web guru, Erin!


    Even though it was a SUPER HOT DAY (38 degrees!!!) and actually felt like an oven, it was soooo worth it to chat with some awesome stars on the red carpet (and we even made a totes hilarious video for you guys to check out coming soon!)

    Jess and Erin at the ARIAs with Jai

    Probably my highlights of the day were when we spoke to Jai Waetford for ages while he ran around the red carpet filming with his cool fish-eye camera (he was so lovely!) Also when we got to have a chat with the super rad Tim Omaji, who was really funny!


    All in all it was a great day despite the sweltering sun, and I can’t wait to go again next year!

    Did you watch the ARIAs, TGs? What was your fave performance? Tell me in the comments below!

    Jess x
  • I went to Taylor Swift’s concert!

    by Maria | Dec 01, 2015

    Hi TGs!


    My name’s Maria and I’m the senior sub-editor for Total Girl – I’m making a special blog appearance because I had the awesome luck to go to Tay’s AMAZING concert in Sydney!!!

    Pam and Maria at Taylor Swift

    I was SO EXCITED before the big day! I got there early with my friend Pam (on the left) and we spent the whole build-up to the concert bopping along to the opening act Vance Joy and talking about all the things we love about Tay. When we walked into ANZ Stadium in Sydney we were given a wristband each that ended up lighting up at the same time as everyone else’s at the concert the whole way through. It was like magic!

    Taylor Swift concert

    Tay opened with “Welcome to New York” and everyone at the stadium knew they were in for a good time! She sang pretty much EVERY song from 1989, including my faves “Blank Space” and “All You Had To Do Was Stay”. She also threw it back and sang “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “Love Story”! Weeeeee!


    Her voice and dancing was PERFECT and her costumes were seriously so pretty – she even played guitar and keyboard for us. She talked a lot about how much she loved all her fans and important lessons on loving yourself and not letting other people put you down! She also played clips on the big screens of people like Selena Gomez and Haim talking about their friendship with her. She even put up clips of her cats Olivia and Meredith which was like, my fave part! LOL!


    Tay ended the show with “Shake It Off” and EVERYONE was dancing. I can confidently say all 76,000 of us had THE BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!

    Taylor Swift stadium


    Did you go to the concert? What was your fave bit? Let me know in the comments below!


    Lots of love, Maria. x

  • One Direction or Justin Bieber?

    by Jess | Nov 20, 2015

    Hey guys, it’s your pal Jess here!


    I hope you’re all having an amazing week! So… I thought I‘d chat to you all, coz I’m in a bit of dilemma…. You see, One Direction and Justin Bieber have released their album – ON THE SAME DAY!


    I know, I know… toughest decision ever, right? Like, do I buy Justin’s Purpose or 1D’s Made in the A.M.?!


     Justin Bieber Purpose    One Direction Made In The A.M.  

    I mean – I totes love JB’s ‘Sorry’ and ‘What Do U Mean’ – and I was even lucky enough to fly down to Melbourne a few weeks ago to watch him play live on the World Famous Rooftop, which just made me even more of a Belieber (I know- best job ever, right?!)

    Justin Bieber live



    I also LOVE 'Drag Me Down' by the One Direction boys (even though I’m still raw with the pain of Zayn leaving the band… *sob*)


    Lucky enough for me, I received both in the mail at TGHQ (another amazing perk of being entertainment guru) and let me tell you – they’re both AH-MAZING!


    So basically, the point of my rant is that I STILL can’t even decide which album I like better!


    What do you guys think? Are you a Belieber or a Directioner – OR are you like me and equal parts both?! Have you guys listened to Purpose or Made in the AM yet? Let me know in the comments below – I’m DYING to know what you guys think of both!


    Speak soon! 

    Jess x

  • Nickelodeon Slimefest Fun!

    by Jess | Oct 06, 2015

    Hey new friends!


    My name is Jess and I’ve taken over at TGHQ as the new entertainment writer!


    I’m super excited to get to know you all – so let me tell you a bit about myself and what I’ve been doing in my first month working at the COOLEST place ever!


    It's defs been a whirlwind! I’ve been super busy having lots of fun (and finding cool stuff to show you in TG’s next issue!)


    Just last week, Erin (our web guru) and I were lucky enough to go to NICKELODEON SLIMEFEST! Can you believe it?! I’ve totes wanted to go to Slimefest since I was little!

    Samantha Jade, Jess and Erin

    Anyway, we had an awesome time! We even got to interview some cool celebs and play some funny games with them. We spoke to At Sunset, Reece Mastin and Samantha Jade; OMTG, they were all SO nice and really funny!

    At Sunset, Jess and Erin Total Girl

    I’ve also been busy interviewing some other cool celebs, like Swedish singer Zara Larsson and Little Mix! Make sure you pick up the next issue of TG, coz you might just see them in there, hehe :)


    Hmmm what else can I tell you guys about myself?


    OH! I totes LOVE dogs (and all animals pretty much!)

    Jess and dogs

    I have three big dogs at home, their names are Sampson (he’s a German Shepherd cross Mastiff), Rocky (Golden Retriever) and Maisie American Pitbull Terrier). They’re soooo cheeky and are always getting up to mischief together, but they’re sooo cute so I can never stay mad at them (even when Sampson stole one of my brand new shoes LOL).

    Rocky the Golden Retriever

    What about you guys? Do you have any pets? Who is your fave singer at the moment? (mine is Taylor!) I want to know everything about you all!


    Speak soon, pals!

    Jess x

  • A Day In My Life!

    by Laura | Jun 26, 2015

    Ever wondered what goes on at the Total Girl office? I’m here to tell you – this is what I get up to each and every day!


    9am: Arrive at the office, turn my computer on and talk to Mel about everything that happened on TV the night before (Mel and I sit next to each other).

    Laura and Mel at Total Girl Headquarters

    10am: Have a staff meeting – they can be different kinds of meetings, sometimes it’s about what stories we want to put in the next issue, or how we want the stories to look when the art team designs them, or what videos we could make for Total Girl TV!

    11:30am: I’m usually pretty hungry by this point, so I’m wandering around the office looking for potential snacks (chocolate is my fave).

     Write a story for the magazine – as most of my stories are entertainment ones, I get to use all my knowledge of books, movies, TV and music to create a hilarious page in the mag!

    Break for lunch (which is usually some leftovers from dinner the night before, but if I’m feeling extra fancy I might go get a burger, hah!)

    1:30pm: Watch video clips. After lunch, it's tough to get straight back into the swing of using my brain, so I use this time to catch up on news that's broken online, watch new movie trailers and LOL at some old Adventure Time clips (just don't tell my boss!)

    I’m back on the hunt for chocolate treats, but I’m also working I swear! I might be preparing for a cool photo shoot, doing a phone interview with a celebrity, or heading out of the office to go and meet someone and interview them face to face. I’ve interviewed Meghan Trainor, The Veronicas, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano and so many more famous peeps – they’re always so cool and nice!

    5pm: I'm getting ready to go home, so I start finishing up my stuff for the day. I’ll talk to the art team about how my stories are looking, chat to my editor about what else is on for the rest of the week, and reply to any important emails I haven’t had a chance to look at. And I always try to leave my desk looking neat and tidy so that I feel fresh and ready to tackle the day when I arrive to work tomorrow!

    Laura's desk at Total Girl headquarters

    Does my day sound like you thought it would? It’s not all fun and glamour (but I do get to go to movie premieres sometimes!)


    Laura x

  • Stuff I'm Excited About!

    by Laura | Apr 10, 2015

    Hey TGs,

    I hope everyone had a really special (and really delicious) Easter. I went to the Easter Show and ate TWO hotdogs on a stick – they are so delicious! – plus, I hung out with my family and my baby nephew. He is the cutest and his name is Miller. Did you get up to anything cool?


    I’m really excited about everything this month and I just had to tell you all about, well, everything!


    First of all, it’s my birthday soon. Woohoo! I love any excuse to see my friends and eat cake, but best of all we get a cake at work. I can’t decide whether to have yummy party treats like sausage rolls, or have an ice cream cake. Ahh, so many options…


    Plus, I met a really cool Aussie guy recently. His name is Mitchell Hope and he’s playing the role of Ben in the upcoming Disney movie Descendants. He had lots of on-set goss to share with me, which you will read about in TG soon! The movie is all about the children of all the famous Disney princes and princesses we all love. He’s the son of the Beast and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I tried to think, but I can’t decide who my fave Disney princess is. Send me some ideas in the comments below…

    Ashton and Laura
    Me and Ashton from 5SOS at the ARIAs!

    Lastly, I’m excited because 5 Seconds of Summer are coming back to Australia to tour soon. I’m a huge fan of them, are you? My favourite is Ashton because he’s totally rocking out all the time on the drums, and I always wished that I could play the drums. Unfortunately, I’m not very musical so playing instruments is not my thing… but singing along to any song that comes on the radio is definitely something I’m into!



  • Meet Tim Omaji!

    by Laura | Mar 11, 2015
    Hi TGs, 

    I know what you’re thinking. Who is this Tim Omaji guy she’s talking about?! Well it’s actually that amazing singing, dancing guy Timomatic! He’s decided to use his real, full name for his music from now on – but don’t worry, he’s still the same crazy cat we know and love. 

    Timomatic and TG's Laura

    Here’s Tim and me at the ARIAs!

    My name is: Tim Omaji 

    But you might remember me as: Timomatic

    I’m changing things up because:
    my artistic self-expression has evolved, so it seems only right that my name does too.

    So you can expect my music to be a little more:

    …and a little less:

    But still with the same:
    passion and excitement 

    My new album is called:
    well, nothing yet coz I haven't decided on the name!

    I was inspired by:
    personal experiences of the last 18 months

    And I hope that when you listen to it, you can’t help but:
    feel empowered to be you; being you is awesome!

    My dream collaboration would be with:
    Kanye West

    But while I’m waiting for his call, I’ve been busy working with:
    Pusha T and T-Pain

    Next up, you’ll see me:
    supporting Jessie J on tour

    Tim Omaji

    Tim Omaji's new single "Something Bout You" is out now!

  • Let's hear it for KATY!

    by Laura | Feb 06, 2015
    Hi TGs, 

    Is everyone feeling totally fabulous? Hope so, cause there’s one thing that I literally cannot stop talking about this week and I need to talk about it! Katy Perry’s performance at the Superbowl! OMTG, she blew me away!


    To be completely honest, I have no idea about American football, but that’s basically what the Superbowl is all about. It’s the grand final game for their football competition, and it’s a really. Big. Deal. People get together to watch it on TV, they throw BBQs and parties and go totally nuts for it. I go totally nuts for it too – but not the game. It’s the half-time show that’s totes famous for being out-of-this-world amazing. In recent years they’ve had Beyonce perform (she even brought out her Destiny’s Child band mates for a mini-reunion), Bruno Mars and The Black Eyed Peas!

    Katy Perry Superbowl with Chess Pieces!

    This year, though, it was all about Katy and oh-my-gosh – SHE ROCKED IT. First, she came out on a giant tiger, singing ‘Roar’ and wearing a dress covered in (pretend) flames. What a start! Then she sang ‘Dark Horse’ and there were back-up dancers dressed up like chess figures. Some seriously spectacular visual stuff was going on too – the ground of the stage was moving around like an optical illusion.


    Later, she had a costume change into a super-fun, beach-themed outfit and she sang ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘California Gurls’ – by this point, I had the volume at full blast singing along!

    Katy Perry's shooting star Super Bowl outfit

    Then came the big finale – Katy singing ‘Firework’. She had another costume change, and this time it was a beautiful silver dress with stars all over it. Wow – where can I buy one, right now?! Totally magical. Fireworks were going off around the stadium, and everyone in the stands were waving their phones around. It looked pretty spectacular. I think Katy is so beautiful and inspirational and talented.


    What’s your fave Katy song? Send me a comment and let me know! I don’t know if I could pick a fave, but I do love ‘Firework’ and ‘Ghost’.


    Big hugs,