• Barbie Video Game Hero Trailer

    by TG's Aaron | Feb 28, 2017
    Hey TGs!

    I hope you are having a ~real~ nice time :) I am, especially since this has just landed at TGHQ.

    Barbie's back and this time it's all about the gaming and coding, which I think is a really cool concept. When Barbie is magically transported to into her fave videogame she has to complete it level by level to save the virtual world!

    Now that looks like a lot of fun. If I could transport into a game, it would defs be Super Mario! It would be way cool to collect gold coins and transport through the green pipes. LOL!
    Barbie Video Game Hero is available on DVD Wednesday March 1, so there's not long to wait!

    What did you think of the trailer, looking forward to catching this? Let me know in the comments below :)

    Catch ya later, TGs!

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  • Nickelodeon Announces 2017 Kids' Choice Award Nominees

    by TG's Aaron | Feb 06, 2017
    What up TGs!

    It's almost that time of year again! The Nickelodeon 2017 Kids' Choice Awards is on its way (March 13 to be exact) and we're so excited about this year's nominees, so much so that we've included them below for your peepers!

    This year's nominees have some of our fave humans with the likes of In Stereo, 5SOS, and ~sooo~ much more. Voting is now open, so go vote your heart out for your faves, just be sure to check with your parents first :)


    Favourite Aussie/Kiwi Squad
    In Stereo
    Women’s Rugby 7’s
    All Blacks (NZ)

    Favourite Aussie/Kiwi Human Eva
    Delta Goodrem
    Guy Sebastian
    Shaun Johnson (NZ)
    Tim Cahill
    Steve Smith

    Favourite Aussie/Kiwi #Famous
    The Norris Family
    Jai Waetford
    Troye Sivan
    Ashleigh Ross
    Isaiah Firebrace

    Favourite Aussie/Kiwi Pranksters
    Andy Griffiths & Terry  Denton
    Hamish & Andy
    Guy Williams (NZ)
    Rebel Wilson
    Grant Denyer

    Favourite Aussie/Kiwi Must Haves
    Nerf blasters
    Polaroid Cameras



    Favorite TV Show – Kids’ Show
    Game Shakers
    Girl Meets World
    Henry Danger
    Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
    The Thundermans

    Favourite Reality Show
    America’s Funniest Home Videos
    America’s Got Talent
    American Ninja Warrior
    Paradise Run
    Shark Tank
    The Voice

    Favourite Cartoon
    ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks
    SpongeBob SquarePants
    Teen Titans Go!
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    The Amazing World of Gumball
    The Loud House

    Favourite Male TV Star
    Benjamin Flores Jr. (Triple G, Game Shakers)
    Aidan Gallagher (Nicky, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn)
    Jack Griffo (Max, The Thundermans)
    Jace Norman (Henry, Henry Danger)
    Casey Simpson (Ricky, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn)
    Tyrel Jackson Williams (Leo, Lab Rats)

    Favourite Female TV Star
    Rowan Blanchard (Riley, Girl Meets World)
    Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie, Liv and Maddie)
    Lizzy Greene (Dawn, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn)
    Kira Kosarin (Phoebe, The Thundermans)
    Breanna Yde (Tomika, School of Rock)
    Zendaya (K.C., K.C. Undercover)


    Favourite Movie
    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (For older TGs, yo!)
    Captain America: Civil War
    (For older TGs, yo!)
    Pete’s Dragon
    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

    Favourite Animated Movie
    Finding Dory
    The Secret Life of Pets

    Favourite Voice From An Animated Movie
    Ellen DeGeneres (Dory, Finding Dory)
    Kevin Hart (Snowball, The Secret Life of Pets)
    Dwayne Johnson (Maui, Moana)
    Anna Kendrick (Poppy, Trolls)
    Justin Timberlake (Branch, Trolls)
    Reese Witherspoon (Rosita, Sing)

    Most Wanted Pet
    Baloo from The Jungle Book (Bill Murray)
    Dory from Finding Dory (Ellen DeGeneres)
    Po from Kung Fu Panda 3 (Jack Black)
    Red from The Angry Birds Movie (Jason Sudeikis)
    Rosita from Sing (Reese Witherspoon)
    Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets (Kevin Hart)


    Favourite Male Singer
    Justin Bieber
    Bruno Mars
    Shawn Mendes
    Justin Timberlake
    The Weeknd

    Favourite Female Singer
    Ariana Grande
    Selena Gomez
    Meghan Trainor

    Favourite Music Video
    24K Magic – Bruno Mars
    Can’t Stop The Feeling! – Justin Timberlake
    Formation – Beyoncé
    Juju On That Beat – Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall
    Me Too – Meghan Trainor
    Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots


    Favourite Video Game
    Just Dance 2017
    Lego Marvel’s Avengers
    Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Minecraft: Story Mode
    Paper Mario: Color Splash
    Pokémon Moon

    And there you have it, TGs. What do you think about the nominees? Is there anyone that should have been nominated and wasn't? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

    Until next time, peace :)

  • New Smurfs Trailer!

    by TG's Aaron | Feb 03, 2017

    Hey-oh TGs!

    Feeling blue? Well, guess what? It’s Friday! What better way to celebrate the greatest day of the week than with a new Smurfs: The Lost Village trailer. I’m real excited for this movie, it looks like it will be an action-packed adventure full of colour, comedy and an all star cast including the likes of our fave Modern Family middle child Ariel Winter as the voice of SmurfLily.

    From what the trailers have shown, I’d have to say Smurfette is my fave smurf so far – being constantly surrounded by boys would be real annoying, but she seems to be the bravest and strongest of them all! If that’s not enough reason to love her, how about the fact that the incredible Demi Lovato is voicing her character, sooo cool!

    Anyway, check it out for yourself and let me know who your fave Smurf is :)

    Be sure to check out our April issue of Total Girl for more Smurf goss, including an interview with Smurfette AKA, Demi Lovato!

    Peace out :)

  • Australia's First Official LEGO Store!

    by TG's Aaron | Jan 30, 2017
    Hey TGs!

    I'm back talking about LEGO again, and for good reason – Australia's very first official LEGO Store opened on Saturday January 28 at Queensland's Gold Coast. It was such a big deal that LEGO fans camped overnight to be the first through the doors to witness one of the largest ranges of LEGO in Australia, and experience the 10 life-size LEGO models.

    Speaking of life-size LEGO models, check out the below time-lapse video showing the very impressive The Incredible Hulk, tiger and surfer minifig builds. The Incredible Hulk is my absolute fave, I can't imagine how long each of them would have taken to put together. So cool!

    Let me know your fave build in the comments below.

    Peace :)

  • In Stereo Drop New Video for latest single 'Girlfriend'!

    by TG's Aaron | Jan 24, 2017
    Yo yo TGs!

    Yup, you totally read that correctly! Your fave Sydney trio has dropped a cool new music video to accompany their latest single ‘Girlfriend’. Filmed at Sydney's Luna Park and directed by Daniel Saboune (he also directed the band’s ‘Honest’ video), this clip suits the tune perfectly – fun times set to a funky jam. My fave part is the scene in front of the mirrors, very LOL worthy. It’s actually making me jealous that I’m indoors at TG HQ and not at Luna Park right now!

    In true In Stereo fashion ‘Girlfriend’ is such an uplifting song; the upbeat and catchy guitar line kind of reminds me of 5SOS, just a little :) It’s definitely worth your (very precious) time.

    I’d love to hear what you think about it in the comments below.


  • Hanging at the Lego show!

    by TG's Aaron | Jan 13, 2017

    Hey there TGs!

    I don't believe we've met yet - I'm Aaron and I'm new here at TG!

    I had a brick-tastic time visiting the Brickman: Wonders of The World exhibition in Darling Harbour. 

    If you’re a fan of LEGO, and I’m pretty sure you are, you will totally love this!

    Master builder, Ryan ’The Brickman’ McNaught’s builds have to be seen to believed – from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to super cute brick fish and coral, explore a whole world of super cray LEGO Masterpieces.

    On top of all that awesomeness, it’s fully interactive, with plenty of LEGO to DIY. 

    Brickman: Wonders of The World runs through to February 5 at ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre. Check out my video and see what all the fuss is about!

  • I need your help TGs!

    by Jessica Lynch | Aug 04, 2016

    Hey TGs!

    Hope you’ve all been well and had an amazing break from school!

    What did you get up to? Tell me ~aaallll~ about it below!

     OK – so I totes need your help.

     As you may or may not know, much like our beloved Katy Perry, I like to dye my hair a bunch of diff colours ALL. THE. TIME. I can’t help it!

    I see all these cool colours everywhere and I’m like ”OMTG! I MUST HAVE IT!”

     So right now, for the second time (after being inspired by hair colour queen Kylie Jenner), I have blue hair... Well… It’s kinda blue-green now coz it’s faded. And now I’m wondering if I should re-dye it blue – OR go pink... pastel pink!

     I haven’t gone pink before, but I think pastel pink is super pretty! It kinda reminds me of fairy floss you get at carnivals, don’t you think? I REALLY like this colour:


    So to give you an idea of what other colour hair I’ve had, check out below.


    So what do you guys think? Should I go pink? Stay blue? Go back to blonde? Or go a totes different colour?!

    I totes trust you guys, so let me know your thoughts below!

    Love always,
    Jess xx

  • All The Goss From The Radio Disney Awards

    by Jess | May 20, 2016
    Hey Tgs!
    Guess who’s back from LA?! Meeeeee! And I had the best time EVER!
    Firstly I wanna give a HUGE thank you to Disney Channel Australia for taking me on the most awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience half way across the world and bringing me on set to all my fave Disney shows and to the Radio Disney Music Awards (which I’ll tell you guys ALL about!)


    So let’s get to it!
    After a 13 hour flight (without much sleep cos I was soooo excited!) we landed in sunny Los Angeles and chilled out at our totally rad hotel to rest up for the day before we got to work.
    The first proper day we got there we headed in to Hollywood where we went to the set of Girl Meets World. I got to check out all the awesome sets like the school, the living room and lots more. Some of the actors were rehearsing, which was great to watch! I then sat down with the super cool Rowan Blanchard and interviewed her, followed by the bubbly Sabrina Carpenter. Both girls were SO lovely and SO awesome to talk to!

    Sabrina and I hanging out on set
    The next day we were back at it again – this time on set at Liv and Maddie!
    There I interviewed Joey Bragg (who was soooo funny!) and Dove Cameron (who was totally gorgeous and really lovely!) Later on, I got to take a bunch of photos of their set (the Mexican restaurant one was my fave – it looked totes real!)

    The hilarious Joey Bragg!
    After we hung out wit the Liv and Maddie crew, we headed off to ANOTHER set lot – this time for KC Undercover! I was SO excited for this, cos I’m a HUGE fan of Zendaya! They were shooting the show for real when we got there, so we were lucky enough to watch them film a live scene (it was really funny!)
    After they finished the scene, I got to speak to Trinitee Stokes (who plays Judy) – I totes adored her, she was so sassy and cool!
    Then I spoke to Kamil McFadden (who lays Ernie), Veronica Dunne (who plays Marisa) then ZENDAYA HERSELF! They were all super cool, just like I thought they would be!

    Zendaya and Kamil were awesome.
    Finally it was the big day – the Radio Disney Music Awards!! We hit up the red carpet on a lovely sunny day and waited for the celebs. OMTG! There were soooo many! I got a bunch of photos with them – check it out for yourself!

    Me and Dove Cameron
    Hey Flo Rida!
    It’s Alessia Cara!
    We then went inside to watch the show – which was AMAZING! My fave part (which was soooo hard to choose) was probs when Ariana Grande sang! She has the best voice ever! 

    We also caught up with one of our fave Saturday Disney friends, Candice!!!

    Well I hope you enjoyed my stories, guys! This is, like, a super condensed version of it – if you wanna see more pics of me with celebs, behind the scenes at the RDMAs and super-secret on set photos of all your fave Disney shows, then be sure to pick up the August issue of Total Girl, where I’ll be including ALL THE THINGS!
    Hope you guys have been well!
    Love your pal Jess x  
  • I'm Going To The Radio Disney Music Awards!

    by Jess | Apr 11, 2016

    Hey friends, Jess here!
    Sorry I haven’t posted much lately – I’ve been super busy working on some awesome things for you guys!
    Let me update you on the goss since my last post…

    Sooooo probs the most exciting news I have is that at the end of the month I’m going to LA to cover the Radio Disney Music Awards – HOW COOL IS THAT?!
    I’m SO excited! I’ll be hitting up the red carpet and hopefully grabbing some interviews with all your fave music and Disney stars, so stay tuned! I also might be lucky enough to go BTS on some cool Disney shows (OMG, imagine if I got to meet Zendaya?! I wouldn’t even know what to say I would be too excited!). I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I come back (and take a bajillion photos to show you guys, of course!)
    Another cool thing I did last week was interview singer Joel Adams (previously known as Joel Goncalves when he was on X Factor). He was SO sweet (and had the coolest blue yes I’ve ever seen!) and his music is really awesome too, I defs recommend checking his stuff out!
    What else is been happening with you guys? Are you guys super excited for school hols soon? Let me know in the comments what you’re all planning to get up to!

    Jess and Joel

    Jess x

  • Getting to Know The Vamps, The Tide... And Me!

    by Jess | Feb 19, 2016

    Hey guys!


    Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s been busy, busy, busy here (but so much fun as always!)


    Have you guys picked up the latest TG yet? If you haven’t, be sure to coz there’s an awesome article on toy reviews that I did. It was SO much fun coz my best friend’s sister (and TG reader) Kiki got to come in and help me review a bunch of awesome toys – we had SUCH a blast! Best job ever, right?!


    Other than that, I’ve been running around doing interviews as always – this time I spoke to the boys from The Vamps and The Tide while they were touring; they were all so cool! Check out these pics I got with them…

    The Vamps 
    The Vamps!

    The Tide
    The Tide!

    A couple of you wanted to know a bit about me – so I present you with everything you need to know about your fave entertainment writer (LOL jks… but srsly)!


    What is your middle name?: Martine – it’s French, and my dad’s name is Martin!

    What was favourite subject at school?: Drama!

    What is your favourite drink?: Sparkling mineral water – yum.

    What is your favourite song at the moment?: I’m still obsessed with ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift! 

    What is your favourite food?: That’s a tough one! I LOVE Japanese food – so maybe sashimi.

    What is the last thing you bought?: Chicken Schnitzel from the café downstairs, and it was delish.

    Favourite Colour?: Blue

    Do you have any pets?: 3 dogs named Sampson, Maisie and Rocky.

    Favourite Holiday?: When I was first at uni, I went on a one month exchange to France – it was so much fun!

    Do you speak any other language?: A teensy bit of French, Italian and Spanish.

    How many siblings do you have?: I have two younger brothers called Jake and Kelly.

    Favourite restaurant?: Papi Chulo’s in Manly (their steak brisket is AH-MAZING!)

    When was the last time you cried?: Yesterday from laughter when Mal, one of TG’s designers, emailed me a funny video!

    Favourite Movie?: The Wizard of Oz (when I was little I wanted to be Dorothy!)

    Favourite animal: Dogs! I love all dogs!

    Favourite sport: I used to be a cheerleader – so I’ll have to say that! I love to watch the surfing, too.


    Whew! Hopefully that answered a couple of your questions – please feel free to ask my more, I’m always happy to answer stuff for you guys :)


    Oh – and some of you wanted an update on Sammy, Maisie and Rocky – well my dad sent me this pic today, how adorbs are they?!


    I can’t wait to go home and hug them! Also, here’s a picture of Maisie and I (I don’t think she was very interested in getting a selfie LOL.) 

    Jess and dog

    Until next time, legends!


    Jess x