• I Went to 1D's Concert TWICE!

    by Alex | Oct 11, 2013
    Happy Friday TGs!

    This week has been crazy busy! As you all know, last week the 1D concerts started and I was lucky enough to see the boys not once but twice! I'm so glad I went because One Direction sure know how to wow their crowd. It was seriously one of the most fun experiences ever!

    But don't just take my word for it, I met two lovely TG readers and interviewed them about the concert! Check it out below!

    Has anyone spotted 1D out and about? I'd love to hear about it. Can't believe 1D are now off to NZ!

    Bye for now! 

    Alice at the One Direction concert!

    Directioner: Alice
    Age: 8
    Fave One Direction song: Little Things
    Fave One Direction member: Harry

    What did you like most about the concert? I LOVED the finale the most out of everything because of the spectacular light show  and the explosion of streamers and balloons. Also when the band came so close to us in the middle stage of the arena.
    What was the atmosphere of the concert like? AWESOME! It was my first EVER concert and there were thousands of screaming girls all so excited to see the best boy band in the world. Even the band said it was the loudest concert they had ever done!
    Which song did you ike dancing to the most at the concert? Best Song Ever
    Did anything about the boys surprise you? I thought that they are incredible performers and that they are even better live than in videos! 
    Can you sum up the concert in five words? Totally incredible experience. Best ever!

    Rate the concert out of five: FIVE!

    Hannah at the One Direction concert!

    Directioner: Hannah
    Age: 8
    Fave One Direction song? Best Song Ever
    Fave One Direction member? Harry
    Did you make a poster for the concert? Yes

    What did it look like? Bright pink with a blue love heart. It said I ❤ Harry and in the heart it said please say hello to me. It had lights around it and photos of Harry.

    What did you like most about the concert? When they made the human pyramid.

    What was the atmosphere like? Very exciting and fun.

    Did anything about the boys surprise you? Harry is very silly and Niall was very cheeky.

    Can you sum up the concert in five words? FUN, HAPPY, COLOURFUL, FUNNY and LOUD

    Rate the concert out of five: FIVE!!!

  • Book Club Continued...

    by Alex | Oct 03, 2013
    Hey there bookworms!

    How are you enjoying Olivia's Fantastic Gymnastics so far? I am loving it! It's really easy reading and you can get through the pages pretty quickly. We're up to chapter six so I think we should finish the book this week and start on a new one. Any suggestions on what our second book can be?

    Anyways back to Olivia's sitch! I cannot believe what happened at the comp! Who could have seen that one coming right?! I feel bad for Olivia though, it would be really sad not to be able to perform when you'd been working so hard for so long on something. Oh well, I guess accidents happen, good thing she's okay though. What do you think will happen next?

    Remember we're finishing the book this week, so don't forget to put your suggestions for book two in our book club below.

  • Slimefest 2013!

    by Alex | Sep 30, 2013

    Happy Monday Total Girls!

    I hope you all had a fab weekend and are enjoying yourselves these school holidays. I wish I were on holidays! Although, if I were I probably wouldn’t have been able to go to Slimefest and interview some of the coolest celebs for Total Girl.

    Did any of you guys go and watch it? OMTG it was one slimey world in there! I don't want to give too much away because the show will air on Nickelodeon at 5pm today! (Don't worry if you missed it, it will be repeated) All I can say is it was sooo awesome! The show kicked off with the totally cool Justice Crew, who danced up a storm, this also got Luke and Wyatt dancing and let me tell you, those boys can dance… well sort of!

    Big Time Rush at Slimefest!

    My fave part was watching Big Time Rush! Woop! They are awesome! I even got to meet them backstage! They are cray-cray! But totally in a good way!

    Did any of you guys get to watch Slimefest live? Can't wait to hear about your slimey experiences!



    Go comment!
  • TG Book Club Update

    by Alex | Sep 24, 2013

    Hey girls,

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, you guys are sooo lucky that you're on school holidays right now! What I wouldn't do to get to sleep in and chill out at home for two weeks! Some kids get to go away on a holiday during school holidays but not everyone does which is why the newest issue of Total Girl is jam-packed with some really awesome activities and stories. My fave has to be the Celeb-ify Your Room story on page 26, because what better time to give your room a makeover than the school holidays?!

    Anyways since last week I've been reading Olivia's Fantastic Gymnastics for our new book club and I'm loving it! I really like Olivia's bestie Maddie, she seems really sweet, don't you think guys? What do you guys think of Sasha? She seems nice for now doesn't she? I think that Olivia might just be a bit scared of the new competition, but I think that kind of person is the best motivator to do even better. Do you think they'll become friends? I guess we'll see! 

    Lets read up to chapter six this time! I'd love to hear what you think so far so don't forget to comment below!



  • Want to Join My Book Club?

    by Alex | Sep 16, 2013
    Hi guys!

    What miserable weather it is here at TGHQ! It's raining, cold AND windy! It really makes me want to crawl under a blanket with a hot mug of hot chocolate and read a good book.

    Speaking of good books, I got a FABULOUS idea from a TG reader named, Keely. She was looking for a book club and some suggestions of good books to read, and that got me thinking… what if I started a virtual book club with you guys right here on my blog?!

    Awesome idea right?!

    So to kick things off I've decided to pick a Forever Clover book called Olivia's Fantastic Gymnastics! I'll be reading this up to chapter four, then next Monday telling you what I thought of the book so far. You guys should read to chapter four too then tell me what you think of the book, the characters and anything that pops in your head about the book. The great thing is…. TG has a FREE extract from the book right here so you can start reading it right now!

    Welcome to Alex's Total Girl book club! I think we're going to have loads of FUN!


  • Review: The 1D Movie

    by Alex | Sep 06, 2013
    Hi TGs

    Last night I got to go to an advanced screening of the One Direction movie This Is Us. OMTG it was ah-mazing! It totally exceeded all of my expectations. The fact that it is 3D had me worried at first because I thought it would have lots of cheesy things flying out of the screen and end up making me really dizzy, but it was really well done.

    Alex saw the One Direction movie!

    Without giving too much away it's a cross between a concert experience (which is great if you haven't been to a 1D concert before) and seeing what the boys get up to in their spare time. There are loads of 'awww" moments, specially when Zayn gets his family a house – totes cute! You also get to see the playful antics the boys get up to backstage, it's totally hilarious!

    You also get to hear straight from the boys mouths how they feel about you, their fans, and how you guys have changed their lives. It's actually really sweet. 

    If you're a Directioner or even if you're not a hardcore 1D fan girl, I urge you to watch this flick, it's that good!

    The movie is in cinemas September 19

    I can't wait to hear what you guys thought of it so let me know when you see it!


  • My Fave Reality TV!

    by Alex | Aug 21, 2013
    Happy Wednesday TGs,

    If you're as obsessed with reality TV as I am, you'll have an opinion on what TV show is the best.

    It says a lot about you, what TV show you watch, kind of like if you're a Home and Away addict or a die-hard Neighbours girl. I'm a Neighbours girl – my dream is to one day be a guest star on the show. I can see it now, casually walking into Harold's and instantly being besties with Kate and Chris!

    But anyways, back to reality TV, this year it's a pretty big year. The X Factor has RedFoo as one of the judges. OMTG He is hilarious! I would definitely try and be on his team if I could. It looks like the show has discovered plenty of talent!

    Ronan chats to prodigy Jai. Photo: Facebook

    Starting off with my fave from Ronan's team: Jai Waetford. This 14-year-old singing sensation is ah-mazing! He's got such an amazing voice that even if he doesn't win this comp, he will for sure land himself a record deal.  

    Australia's Got Talent: The Judges! Photo: Facebook

    As for AGT, my fave part are the wildcard acts, like Bendy Kids with Buns, they're dancers, they're kids and they're bendy! I also love all acts that involve animals doing cute tricks and wearing costumes. I love that Timomatic is now a judge because this is the show that discovered him! He's come full circle and is one cool dude!

    Confession time: I'm addicted to Masterchef, I love watching the contestants sweat it out running back and forth from the pantry to their stoves, the panic in their eyes when they are plating up and the emotional stories behind the dish they have made. My fave contestants have been booted. I was really hoping that Pip or Dan would win, but now that they're out I'm hoping that Lucy, the cupcake queen will win because girls rock!

    Are you watching any of these shows? Who's your favourite contestant? I'd love to know.

    Happy watching!

  • What Celebs are REALLY Like

    by Alex | Aug 15, 2013
    Hey TGs,

    Do you ever sit there watching Shake It Up and think, I wonder what Bella and Zendaya are really like? I do that all the time. My all time fave one is to day dream about what Louis from 1D is really like, I think he'd be really funny.

    So I thought I'd dish the dirt on what the celebs I've met are really like!

    Niall Horan is truly lovely. Photo: Getty Images

    Niall from One Direction: Okay so we never met but we spoke on the phone. This was literally the week that One Direction infection went… well viral. He was totally sweet and really grateful for the fact he and his besties were making it big. And his accent? Ah-mazing!

    Peyton List: Peyton is one of the sweetest celebs ever. I interviewed her in her dressing room on the set of Jessie and guess what I spotted? A drawer full of fan mail she has replied to. I asked her about it and she replies to almost every single bit of fan mail she gets. How sweet is that?!

    Ross Lynch and R5: This family is 100 per cent obsessed with music. They are loud, boisterous and so funny! Ross is probably the most outspoken, Riker is totally sweet and the most grounded, Rydell is so sweet (my fave just don't tell the rest of R5), Ratliff is really quirky and has a wicked sense of humour and Rocky is really laid back and is a prankster.

    Max George is super cheeky! Photo: Getty Images

    Max and Siva from The Wanted: These boys are sooo cheeky! They walked in and tickled me before even saying hello! 

    Candice, Nathan and Teigan from Saturday Disney: These guys and their crew are totally my besties outside of the TG team, we often find ourselves at the same events and always get up to mischief together. 

    Debby Ryan and Victoria Justice: fun and nice! Photo: Getty Images

    Victoria Justice: This little lady is totally and 100 per cent committed to her craft. She's very professional and has an amazing voice. She had a ball when she came into TGHQ.

    Debby Ryan: After the photo shoot with TG when she was in Australia I took Debby shopping in Sydney's CBD and guess what?! She LOVES Aussie fashion! 

    Who is your ultimate celeb you'd like to meet? Mine is Katy Perry and Lady Gaga… and Taylor Swift… and Carly Rae Jepsen… it's too hard to pick just one!

  • OMTG I Went to P!nk!

    by Alex | Aug 08, 2013
    Hey my gorgeous TGs

    Hope you are all having a fabulous week! Guess what I did last night?! I went to see the amazingly talented Pink at her Truth About Love concert. OMTG Let me tell you girls, she is ah-mazing!

    P!nk was ah-mazing. Photo: Instagram

    It's the first time I've seen her in concert and I can't believe I waited so long to experience this kind of a show. Firstly the stage was set up with a really cute love heart screen and there were fireworks and an elevator on stage, it was seriously amazing! 

    Pink's stage was so cool! Photo: Instagram

    I'd heard a lot about Pink's acrobatic performances but I didn't think they would be as impressive as what I saw! She literally hangs off a metal sphere as it spins, how she doesn't get super dizzy is beyond me! At one point it looked like she was going to slip from the silks flat on the ground but she manouvered herself perfectly into a graceful pose!

    It was sooo cool! It totally makes me want to go and learn trapeze like the rest of the TG team did in the August issue of TG (out now! LOL).

    The best thing about the concert is that she not only sung the new faves, she also played songs from her very first album, which came out when I was in Year 6! Whoa that was a long time ago! My best friend and I used to pump up Get The Party Started and dance our little hearts out!

    I had sooo much fun at this concert, it totally goes into my top five concerts of all time. 

    Have any of you guys seen Pink in concert?

    Love and loud music,
  • The Teen Beach Movie Premiere!

    by Alex | Aug 05, 2013
    Hey TGs

    Happy Monday!

    My weekend was jam-packed with celeb goodness as all good weekends should be! I was lucky enough to interview some ah-mazing celebs at the Disney FanFest and the premiere of Teen Beach Movie!

    Alex poses on the Yellow Carpet at the Teen Beach Movie premiere! Photo: Melissa Lazcano

    The red carpet was turned yellow like sand and the premiere was decked out like a huge beach party! OMTG it was sooo cool!

    I got to meet some pretty awesome celebs too. Teigan, Candice and Nathan from Saturday Disney were there and we got to hang out. They're really awesome!

    Alex with Candice from Saturday Disney! Photo: Melissa Lazcano
    Candice from Saturday Disney is sooo lovely.

    Awesome Aussie rockers What About Tonight also walked down the yellow carpet and are super psyched about their new single, Time of Our Lives. You guys should totes listen to it when you can.

    I also got to chat to Ross Lynch the star of Teen Beach Movie and his amazeballs band R5 about how much they're loving Australia and let me tell you they can't get enough of all you Aussie fans. Rydell Lynch said that the highlight of their trip has been "meeting all our fans".

    Lab Rats' star and Disney FanFest guest star Spencer Boldman also spoke to TG while on the yellow carpet and says: "thanks for all the support Total Girl readers, I love my Aussie fans!"

    Alex met Spencer Boldman! Photo: Melissa Lazcano
    Squee! Me and Spender Boldman

    I also got to meet the star of Teen Beach Movie, Maia Mitchell, who is Australia's first Disney starlet! We're all so proud of her!

    The movie was amazing and totes funny. She did a wonderful job acting alongside Ross Lynch as Mac. You guys totes have to watch the movie!

    Alex and Maia Mitchell at the Sydney Premiere! Photo: Melissa Lazcano
    Fellow Aussie Maia Mitchell. Gooo Maia!

    Last to arrive to the premiere was Good Luck Charlie's Bridgit Mendler. She told TG that she, "loves Australia and got to go to Melbourne for a fan meet and greet" she also got to, "meet a kangaroo and get shown around Sydney by Maia Mitchell."

    After the screening of Teen Beach Movie we all got to go to Disney FanFest which was like a VIP music festival where What About Tonight, R5 and Bridgit Mendler serenaded the crowd. It was an amazing event and I had such a good time! 

    Catch Teen Beach Movie on August 9 at 7pm on Disney Channel.