• The Kid Who Would Be King Official Trailer

    by TG's Aaron | Jan 14, 2019
    Hey TGs,

    We are sah keen to catch this newest fantasy adventure! The Kid Who Would Be King is an upcoming blockbuster set in England. If you're a Harry Potter fan, or just enjoy your movies with a touch of magic, then you should totes check out the latest trailer.

    Alex’s life is a drag. The older kids at school pick on him and his friends constantly. That is until he discovers King Arthur’s Excalibur. Though the sword will change his luck, it’s not in a way he expects. Morgana, an ancient evil enchantress, has arrived with an army of darkness, ready to take over the world. Alex will need to recruit Knights of the Round Table and an army to battle the bad guys. It’s going to take his whole school to band together, even the bullies. Don’t miss all the action, fantasy and magic rolled into an exciting new adventure. 

    You can see why we're sah excited for this flick! Prepare for a wild ride, TGs. The Kid Who Would Be King is in cinemas January 17.

    See you soon, TGs :)

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  • Storm Boy Official Trailer Upcoming Movies 2019

    by TG's Aaron | Dec 17, 2018
    Hey TGs,

    You may have read the book at school, or watched the 1976 movie. This classic Australian tale gets a modern makeover! Young Storm Boy spends a lot of his life isolated from the rest of the world. He lives with his father on a stretch of coast in South Australia. It isn’t until he befriends an outcast known as Fingerbone Bill that Storm Boy is spared from a lonely existence. The pair stumbles upon three orphaned pelicans and take on the challenge of raising the delicate little chicks. It’s a story about the ups and downs of friendship, and humans’ rocky relationship with our environment. Prepare for tears, TGs. This one will tug the heart strings!

    Storm Boy
    flies into cinemas January 17!

    Bye :)

    by TG's Aaron | Nov 12, 2018

    There are sah many movies coming out this time of the year. It's hard to keep up with them all. Despite the sheer volume of fantastic flicks, we already have a few that we're absolutely excited to see. One of which is The Grinch! It's the latest animated film from the creators of Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets and Sing, so you know it's going to be a downright giggle-fest.

    Awww, isn't the Grinch's canine companion Max just the cuuutest!

    The Grinch
    is in cinemas November 29 – what better way to get excited for Christmas!

    by TG's Aaron | Nov 12, 2018
    Hey TGs!

    I bet a whole bunch of Spider-fans' spider-sense is tingling rn. LOL! The newest Spider-Man adventure is almost upon us. Check out the trailer below to get a taste of what's in the horizon!

    In case you're not well-versed in the Spider-Verse, check out our December issue! I've got you covered with a feature all about the new movie and it's various versions of the webbed hero.
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    by TG's Aaron | Oct 15, 2018
    Hey TGs!

    Are you up to date on the forthcoming Goosebumps sequel Haunted Halloween? Have no fear (LOL) TG entertainment blog is here.

    Slappy makes a comeback in the follow up to 2015's Goosebumps movie, inspired by the book series written by R.L. Stine.

    Ooooooooooooo! It looks sah good, and just in time for Halloween. We can't wait to see how this group of friends deals with the dangerous dummy and his squad of menacing monsters. One things for sure: we're in for a scare!!!

    What do you think, TGs? Are you excited to check this one out?

    Gooesebumps 2: Haunted Halloween jumps into cinemas October 25!

    See ya, TGs!


    by TG's Aaron | Sep 24, 2018

    … and it’s saaah good!

    This upcoming film is set before the Transformer movies we know and love.

    We are launched back in time to 1987, where a girl named Charlie meets a pre-Transformers Bumblebee. Damaged and needing help, the brave autobot forms a bond with the young girl as he is pursued by deadly decepticons.

    What do you think, TGs? Are you excited for this to come out? It’s sah cool seeing Bumblebee in his yellow Volkswagen Beetle form. The CGI looks incredible, too. We can’t wait til it hits cinemas December 20!


    by TG's Aaron | Sep 20, 2018

    OMTG! The Captain Marvel trailer is finally here.

    I know a number of you have been looking forward to this movie – we have had sah many emails to our Snackables section about it, and with good reason. The next adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks epic!

    Brie Larson plays the bodacious, butt-kicking Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. After an accident leaves here with alien powers, she becomes the most powerful super hero eveeer – Captain Marvel! She’s incredibly strong, can fly and shoots energy from her hands.

    Set in the 90s years before other movies in the MCU, we will catch a glimpse of young versions of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson.

    How cool does it look! We can’t wait to see the full extent of her powers. This is going to rule.

    Marvel's Captain Marvel blasts into cinemas March 7, 2019.

    See yah :)


    by TG's Aaron | Aug 13, 2018

    Hey TGs!

    OMTG! We are sah happy to finally share with you this exclusive interview.

    Laura sat down with Nickelodeon star, YouTuber, singer, and dancer JoJo Siwa. The pair had a lovely time trying out Australian snacks, playing games, and trading bow tips. You don’t want to miss it.

    Sah much fun! Shout out to all the TGs that sent us questions – you’re a clever bunch. Be sure to grab a copy of our September issue to catch more deets from this interview.


    by TG's Aaron | Aug 13, 2018
    Hey TGs!

    Have you checked out the latest trailer? Its release is only a few days away, so be sure to get up to date.

    Grab a copy of the September issue of Total Girl for what we know so far about this upcoming epic adventure.

    Do we have any fans of the books? Are you excited for the movie? Let me know in the comments below :)

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    by TG's Aaron | Aug 07, 2018
    Hey TGs,

    Heads up to all my wonderful blog followers. We have just uploaded a teaser vid of our interview with JoJo Siwa. That's right – next week you will have the chance to watch our exclusive in its entirety. Until then, we're going to yo-yo some JoJo.

    Also, if you sent in questions for JoJo, be sure to grab a copy of our September issue (on sale Monday August 13). You might be pleasantly surprised... I CAN'T REVEAL ANYMORE!!!