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Hi i love all of your work and studies you have done for “Total Girl” because it is extremely well placed out and I have found out that I love to cooking all because of you I found it. - Bella Hi TG, I💜your mags so much - Milla Shout out to my amazing sister Jessa!!! - Evie Thanks so much for your mag!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Gabriella Shout out to my bestie Jemima even though she’s changed schools I still think of her as my best friend - Fiona Hi Total Girl, I love your mags! - Zoe Shout out to my sister Tokiko, who always makes my day brighter and cheers me up! - Ivy hiiiiii shoutout to my besties Jazzy and April yay also wish me luck in the competitions!!! have a great day TG fans! - Stella I LOVE ur mags soooo much - Mila x Shout out to my besties in London, I miss you guys so much! - Ivy

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