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You are the best mag EVER! I love you guys SOOOOOOOOOO much! - Clara i love it - pearl HEY GUYS!! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! Even when you feel alone, someone is there to talk to. Remember that. Also... I found this shoutout saying to say hi back (someone called Clementine i think) - SO HERE IT IS!!!!!!! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 😂😀 - Isabelle hi mum!! - Sofia I have been reading your mags since I was 7 (I’m almost 12) thank you for making them! - Ciara Hi I love your mags-camille - Camille Keep on making these awesome mags. I’ve been collecting them since 2016 and are still reading them today. - Saleisha i love total girl - chloe wow you are so lucky i love you guys definitly going to be a total girl - chloe I love TG. They are the ABSOLUTE - Clara