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Hey tg I love your mags -gracieπŸ’– - Gracie I love total girl!! Yassss! - Alexandra NEVER STOP MAKING TG MAGS!I LOVE THEM ! - Gabriella you guys make my life interesting tysm! sophie xxx - Sophie I forgot about this but pls put a poster of BENEE or black pink in the next mag! Thx - Jade Thank you for putting me in the magazines Jan and Feb, my bday is on the 3 of feb so can you please put a millie Bobby brown poster in the March issue, it would be so nice of you!😁😁😁😁 - Yasmin Hello tg and everyone happy christmas and happy holidays from emma - Emma This is a shout out to my BFF Lila! We aren’t going to be at the same school anymore and I’m going to miss you a lot! - Emma shout out to all the people that love dogs!!!!! - Autumn Please never stop making Total Girl! - Emily

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