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I love your mags my fav is the totally embarrassing I have been collecting your mags since 2019! - Savannah Hi im Miaaa - Mia G If your reading this have a good day - Antigone W I love these mags sooo Much!👌 - Harriet I started reading your mags in April and I have only read 2.1 I own 2 I borrowed from the library.heres something for every one:show your true self - charlotte?? i love love love them - lily Love your mags there so cool and I love you too. - Sophia I loveeeeee total girl. I,M AN ILLUSTRATOR. Well I want to be. I have already published my own book. I loveeeeee you total girl. - Samantha I love TG soooo much! My favourite is the totally embarrassing 😳. - Tahlia R Hi, I love your mages I just signed up for your prizes! just hope i get the Flow Foldable Scooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - jessica

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