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Hey total girl it’s ari, just wanna thank u for mentioning me in ur mag ! - Ariana I really cant wait to see if I get some cool prizes - Rebecca Shoutout to my bffs - maddy - Laura Good job on the magazines! There really cool. They have everything i love! :) - Samara Hi Tg We are a huge fan! I got a subscription for my b-day and I say keep up the mags and good work !! - Ivy and Bella Hi love the mags there awesome can u add Taylor swift in the July issue of Total Girl? - Eliana hi guys i love these mags never stop making them plz - Addisyn Hi can you pls make a magazine about Sofia Carson more because she is my hero and as the little gift it comes with pls can you add a mini poppet. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE MAGS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!! - Ally Could u do an issue on the Olsen twins pls? - Eliza I love all the magazine's my favorite part about it is the jokes and the zodiac sign I love to read every magazine each month new ones come out and can your please make one about chase Hudson please all the storys are awesome xx ruby - Ruby

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