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I love TG I even beg for my mum to buy it - Savannah I would like to send a shout out to my parents, for everything, my teachers, for teaching me everything I know, and my freinds, for being there every step of the way. - Abby shout out to Aunty Leah for buying me a total girl subscription! I reeeeeaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy love reading them! - addison Hi TG!! I love your mags soooo much! They totally inspire me for fashion and for books to read and movies to watch! -Alyssa - Alyssa Hey guurrlllss Total mag is totally AWESOME me and girl Milah Kate Love this mag ;) <3 - Jarmia-Maree hi TG, could you please make a mag all about Emma Watson? also I love your mags so much, thank you. - Anna hey girl my name is Mia and I would like to give a shout out to my girl milah - Jarmia-Maree Hey Total Girl, I love your mags they are so entertaining and fun! 🤩 - Winter Your mag’s are soooooo cool! I love you so much TG - Catherine Hi TG, shout out to your crew for your wonderful mags their awesome never stop making them ❤️ - Jessika
Goodbye From Saturday Disney!

Goodbye From Saturday Disney!

Goodbye From Saturday Disney!
Hi Total Girls,
After a magical 26 years on air, Saturday Disney is coming to an end. We just wanted to say thank you so much for reading our blog every month and tuning in to Saturday Disney! We have had the most incredible time sharing our experiences from all over the globe with you.
Our last episode will air on the 24th of September and it’s going to be extremely exciting! We’re heading on a journey down memory lane and we’re hanging out with some surprise guests!
We have so many awesome memories from our time hosting Saturday Disney and here are a few photos to remind you.



Lots of love Candice & Teigan.
(Nathan also says hello!)
Don’t forget to tune in on the 24th of September from 6-7am on Channel 7 and then from 7-9am on 7FLIX.
Keep Smiling! X x


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