If you're looking for a fun, loyal and loving BFF, look no further than a pet! 

Most people go to a petshop to find their furry friend, but have you ever considered adopting a pet from an animal shelter?

Here's five top reasons you should adopt a pet:
  1. When animals arrive at a pet shelter, the staff assess their personality. When people adopt pets, they're paired with the animal that best suits them. 
  2. For most adopted pets, your house will be their second home - so they're most likely house trained already. No accidents on the carpet to worry about!
  3. Another pet-shelter bonus? The animals are all vet-checked and vaccinated.
  4. Adopting an animal frees up a spot in the shelter for another pet in need.
  5. As if a pet's unconditional love isn't enough, you get extra warm-fuzzies for doing a good deed!

Did you get your pet from an animal shelter?