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Introducing TG's newest Craft Kit! Get yours now!

Introducing TG's newest Craft Kit! Get yours now!

Omg, what could it be?!

Hey TGs,

If you're stuck at home these school holidays and in lockdown, then we have the perf thing for you! The TG team have been working super hard to bring you Total Girl's very first Wall Collage Kit - out now!  😍


✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

So what is it?

Each Collage Kit comes with 40 cute prints that you can use to decorate your room! Each print was specially chosen by TG's Rosie, Sandra and Bek. It was inspired by all our fave things at TG including inspo quotes, adorable animals, doughnuts (hehe) and heaps more!

The pack includes all 40 prints featured in the image below! 


How do I use it?

This is the part where you get super creative! Once you have your prints, you can lay them out and stick them up however you like! We used the prints to create a big poster wall. It looks SO cool and creates the ultimate TG backdrop. You can even mix and match and add your own photos and posters. 🌸

Need inspo?

Check out Kenzie's cool poster wall in her room! We love the feature corner.  💕


How do I get it?

The limited-edition TG Collage Kit is out now for only $29.99 - with FREE shipping in Australia.


We hope you love it! 

XO Team TG 


Lily L
I would love to get this wall poster kit !!!!!!. I would put it on my wall next to my bed and every night i'd look at them think i'm a great fan of TG !!!!!!!
16/8/2022 8:28:49 AM
Matilda H
wish i had enough :(
24/7/2022 7:30:31 PM
Charlie M
It is SOOOOOO cute!!! I really want to buy it! (I probably will if my mum lets me)
15/7/2022 9:48:07 AM
?????? ??????
I want it so bad lol
4/7/2022 6:21:02 PM
So cool
7/5/2022 10:57:22 PM
OMTG it’s sooo cute!! I want it so bad ❤️
6/3/2022 2:19:45 PM
I want it I want it I want it!!!
23/1/2022 11:06:37 AM
milly silly
i love the TG sets i wish people could mack there own packs but with your posters
28/9/2021 7:09:57 PM
i love the TG sets i wish people could mack there own packs but with your posters
28/9/2021 7:09:00 PM
I love the TG wall collage kit!!!! I just decorated my bedroom wall with it yesterday! 😆😆
16/9/2021 2:18:27 PM
I got my TG wall collage kit for my 10 birthday!! 😆😆
15/9/2021 3:30:46 PM
is it jsut paper
13/9/2021 1:49:31 PM
Hi TG, i got stiches yesterday, and my mum ordered the collage kit for being so brave! My sister and I are going to decorate our room in the school holidays! I’m sooooooo exited!
13/9/2021 9:21:23 AM
i want one but im in nz
3/9/2021 6:51:58 PM
That looks so cute! I love the bunnies and food the most!
1/9/2021 8:02:35 PM
I would totes recommend it looks great in your room! ✨
15/8/2021 11:54:17 AM
ooh thats cool
10/8/2021 8:28:49 AM
So stylish love it
8/8/2021 9:37:42 AM
Soooooo CUTE!!!
7/8/2021 3:49:05 PM
thats looks totes cute
31/7/2021 5:06:16 PM
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