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Hey, this goes out to my friend Izabella from my class 5Z. - Cayley Shout out to my friend Annabella she has been my supportive friend my life. - Anastasia i an going to get the subscrption to your mags for birthday whitch is in noveber the 5th i love the mags soooo much love soph - Sophie Great mags tg - Penny i cant wait till tomorrow I AM SO EXCITED I LOVE TOTAL GIRL HAD THEM SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL - priscilla Hello to anyone reading this hope you have a great week! ❤️🍓✨😄😄 - Mieka shout out to my bestie i love u so much gurl - Izzy hi my name is maia and i love your mags soo much I hope that I win I really want the kidizoom it would be my first time ever to win!,never stop making youre magizins (if thats how you spell it!) from your number 1 fan, - Maia I want to make a shout out to my 2 best friends Avah and kahli they are like family to me thanks ❤❤❤- Madison - madison HEY TG I love Ariana Grande, G-NAT!ON and the Jonas brothers- I love u TG and all of the celebritys - RACHEL
Timomatic Played at State of Origin!

Timomatic Played at State of Origin!

Timomatic's awesome new track and star performance!
OMTG we're so excited to tell you guys about this!

has just released a brand new song and it's amazing! The song is called Parachute and it is a really fun song that you can dance to.
If you liked his previous tracks, Set It Off and Looks Could Kill, you'll definitely want to hear this one.
He performed Parachute at the first State of Origin match - did you see it?


i love timomatic and his songs and he comes to my church
26/9/2013 6:53:25 AM
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