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The Thundermans Thunder Into TG

The Thundermans Thunder Into TG

TV villain and Nickelodeon star, Jack Griffo chats to TG's Claire!

Jack Griffo plays an evil twin in Nickelodeon TV series, The Thundermans. Wanna know more about Jack? Read on…

Claire: As an actor, do you need to be strong at different physical challenges, especially on a show like The Thundermans?

Jack: Yeah - I grew up playing sports and I play basketball and stuff but the show has definitely let me incorporate some cool athletic things so it is really cool.

Is it weird having a stunt double? Do you all get along?

It’s really cool! I keep in touch with all of them! We actually all sometimes work out together in this gym in LA, which is actually a stunt gym that I work out at, and they all go there so I know them all pretty well actually.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you while the cameras were rolling?

We say the funniest things when we try to say our lines. One day last week we worked until midnight and when it got to around 11pm, we were just saying the craziest stuff when we were supposed to be saying out lines. I think that’s the funniest part of all of this – when we get overtired.

Can you share a secret with us?

When I was little, I was on my top bunk and I fell off and I hit my chin on a trunk and now I have a piece of metal in my chin. It’ll be there for the rest of my life.

For even more Jack Griffo goss, grab a copy of the December TG, on sale now.


Ouch! Falling off the bunk onto a trunk must have hurt!
14/5/2015 7:12:39 PM
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