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I love your mags my favorite part is Wednesday weeks quest. - Wendy Hi Total Girl, you rule 💜 - Natarsha Hey TGs My name is Isla I started the mags today and I love them there’s so much to read and awesome cooking recipes,I love the embarrassing stories there great.I love the quizzes and jokes too! Bye - Isla hey to all the girls out there you are all amazing. - daisy I hate you total girl boooo - Rose Your mags are so cool I love sausage dogs espesh max and koda!!! FRom Amira the Axolotl. - Amira Ur mags r amazing please make more and dont forget ari is the best celeb - Mariam Hey I love dove Cameron - Ellie I love TG!!! It’s so good!!! - Sophia Hey TG your the best! I’m so excited about the new Space Jam, the old one was my favourite movie! Thank you for putting it in the latest mag! - Gracie
Star spotting! Did you spot all 6 hidden stars?

Star spotting! Did you spot all 6 hidden stars?

Did you catch all six stars hidden in the August issue of Total Girl mag?! Check your answers below!

Warning! August issue spoilers below. LOL!

Hey TGs, did you get your copy of the August issue - starring Stacey and Claudia from The Baby-Sitters Club? Click here for a sneak peek!

If you turn to page 5, you'll see there's six stars hidden throughout the special Starstruck issue. 

How did you go? Did you find all six? Check the answers below! 

Page 9 
Page 14
Page 32
Page 45
Page 58
Page 70

Be sure to pick up the new mag for more fun activities and puzzles!



i got them all
24/7/2021 12:14:19 PM
I just love these mini Actiuivities so much.
22/7/2021 1:24:03 PM
I only found 3 ( sad )
22/7/2021 9:17:59 AM
It was kinda tricky!
15/7/2021 8:24:00 PM
I know it was so tricky!
13/7/2021 8:18:01 AM
It was very tricky
7/7/2021 10:54:27 AM
Yay i actually found them i didn't cheat i sware
4/7/2021 2:18:40 PM
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