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Totally Embarrassing one day when i was in grade 2 teacher went to outside the classroom to grab her bag when she came all my other classmates were making noises running around the classroom then teacher said who wants to get out of the classroom i didnt listen what teacher said and i said me all my classmates were laughing - Hooriya Shoutout to all of my best friends, you are all so awesome!!! - Leila HARRY STYLES - Jazmin im at school rn lol i love ur mags <3 - Lilly Total girl is the best - Sarah I’m obsessed with your mags always full of inspo and laughter I’ve always wanted to be in one of your mags so I can help to spread these positive vibes!! Love your #1 can Immy - Imogen shout out to all my besties from school you are the best friends I could ever wish for.I love you guys. - jacinta! saty safe everyone and have a good haloween.Love ur mag TG - Zoe hey lovvvveeeeee the mag realy want to subscribe but i have no monny - madison BE HAPPY! - Miki
Science Week 2021 True or False (SPOILER: Answers revealed!)

Science Week 2021 True or False (SPOILER: Answers revealed!)

SPOILER ALERT! Did you get all the answers correct?

Hey TGs! 

Did you do the fun Science Week quiz on page 29 of the August mag? 

Check your answers below! 🔭 🔬

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1. False, they have black skin!

2. True

3. True

4. False, Mars is red because it’s covered in iron oxide.

5. True 

6. True

7. True

8. False, they do not have stomachs so they must eat almost constantly to stay alive!

9. False, stomach acid is very strong to help us digest food.

10. True.


How did you do? Let us know in the comments below!  😊👇


Hi I got them all right
6/9/2021 3:28:00 PM
I got 10/10
21/8/2021 10:51:31 AM
hi i got only 9/10 love your mags so much=RACHAEL
16/8/2021 11:13:30 AM
14/8/2021 9:07:26 AM
It was hard.I forgot how much I got out of 10.
1/8/2021 6:39:16 PM
I got most of it right besides the 1st one and the 8th I'm amazing
24/7/2021 3:36:31 PM
23/7/2021 1:40:59 PM
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