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Science Week 2021 True or False (SPOILER: Answers revealed!)

Science Week 2021 True or False (SPOILER: Answers revealed!)

SPOILER ALERT! Did you get all the answers correct?

Hey TGs! 

Did you do the fun Science Week quiz on page 29 of the August mag? 

Check your answers below! 🔭 🔬

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1. False, they have black skin!

2. True

3. True

4. False, Mars is red because it’s covered in iron oxide.

5. True 

6. True

7. True

8. False, they do not have stomachs so they must eat almost constantly to stay alive!

9. False, stomach acid is very strong to help us digest food.

10. True.


How did you do? Let us know in the comments below!  😊👇


I got most of it right besides the 1st one and the 8th I'm amazing
24/7/2021 3:36:31 PM
23/7/2021 1:40:59 PM
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