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Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland

Learn more about the Modern Family star!
Sarah Hyland is an American actress! Find out more about her...

Why is she a star?
  • She plays Haley Dunphy on Modern Family

​Why we love her...
  • She is really funny on the show!
  • She has super cute nicknames (SJ, Kitty, and Raindrop).
  • She had only moved to LA 2 weeks before being cast on the show, but was so talented that she got the role!

A wacky fact...

Sarah was homeschooled until she was in Grade 2! Then she went to an amaze performing arts school in New York.


Modern family is TOTES hilarious and I loooooove Sarah!
24/11/2015 5:16:08 AM
she is so good on modern family she is amazing
23/11/2015 7:26:10 AM
OMG! I love her character on modern family! ^_^
27/10/2015 8:31:09 AM
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