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I love these mags sooo Much! - Harriet I love these mags sooo Much!👌 - Harriet hii - Jordy P I love your magizines so much .Orlaith🐨🐶🦊🐱 - Katie I loveeeeee total girl. I,M AN ILLUSTRATOR. Well I want to be. I have already published my own book. I loveeeeee you total girl. - Samantha love you - Baylee I love these mags sooo Much!👌 - Harriet I love these mags sooo Much! - Harriet Hi, I love your mages I just signed up for your prizes! just hope i get the Flow Foldable Scooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - jessica hi T-Girls! i realy hope I get the Flow Foldable Scooter, because I don't have any Scooters because i have grown out of them but I hope I will get this Scooter so i can ride it to my school! xoxo best wishes - jessica
Sam Kerr, Descendants, MEGA collage poster and more!

Sam Kerr, Descendants, MEGA collage poster and more!

Check out the free posters with the June mag - only on sale for 2 more weeks!

Hey TGs!

Yaasss, our fave part of the month - showing you a sneak peek of the cool bonus posters with the latest mag. 

We've taken in all your requests and this month, you can score free posters of the Descendants cast, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (OMG, who's excited for season 2?!), Selena Gomez, Joshua Bassett and more! Plus, we have a very special freebie for you this month, TGs...


Grab the June issue of Total Girl mag and you'll score a MEGA Custom TG Collage poster featuring all your fave TV shows, movies and characters! Pin it up in your room on your wall or cut it out to remake your own TG collage and send it to us to be featured in the mag! 

And if you're a fan of Aussie soccer superstar Sam Kerr, you'll score a poster of her too! 

Catch a sneak peek of just some of the posters in this month's mag in the pic below! 


CLICK HERE for a sneak peek of the June issue! 

Who should we do a poster of in the next mag?! Let us know in the comments below! 

Love, Team TG x



hey guys i think the next poster should be cruella
11/10/2021 5:10:52 PM
I would love to see Saoirse Ronan, my fave actor on the front page! She recently starred in little women dvd and I like her because she is such a good actor and very talented in the city of ember. Even though they are the only 2 movies of hers that I have watched, I know she is very petty and a talented actor.
19/8/2021 7:54:15 PM
OMG!!!! I I'm sooo happy cause I love Sam Kerr!!!!!!!!!!!
3/6/2021 9:59:54 AM
You should definitely do Justin Bieber please!! And thanks so much for the prize!!
1/6/2021 4:58:41 PM
OMTG so cool guys yes the freebie is super cool this month!!!!
28/5/2021 3:09:15 PM
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