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RollerTips with RollerFit: a beginners guide to skating!

RollerTips with RollerFit: a beginners guide to skating!

Want to learn how to roller skate? Get awesome tips from RollerFit founder Stacey Short!

Hey Stacey! How long have you been rollerskating?

I started skating when I was four years old, it was something I did with my Dad. I then became a competitive artistic skater from six-17 years old and was lucky enough to compete at a national level here in Australia. My Dad took me to all my roller skating events which always has amazing memories for me. 

What are the different types of roller skating?

One of the most amazing things about roller skating is all the different styles of skating you can do and styles within styles! Some of my favourites are: Recreational Roller Skating, Ramp / Park / Street Skating, Artistic Skating, Roller Dance and Roller Derby.

For beginners, what is the safest way to stop and fall down?

It depends on what style of skating you do! Each style will determine what is the safest way for you to fall [which can be tricky to explain in writing]. When you feel yourself losing balance, bend your knees to squat down. This will often be enough to help you regain your balance. The 'plough' stop is my favourite for beginners as it’s so similar to stopping on skis. 

Handy Tip:

When you fall you want to make sure you get up again as quickly as possible. This reduces the chance of anyone skating into you or tripping anyone else over while you are on the ground. 


For more great tips, pick up the January issue of Total Girl magazine!
To check out online and local beginner classes head to 




I really want to roller skate I is a dream
16/7/2021 3:55:38 PM
I do Arctic roller skating and one of reason I did it was for a while back in one of your mags it’s said to try something new and I did and know I love it.
15/5/2021 9:54:15 PM
i love roller skating
24/4/2021 7:20:55 AM
Your awsome . I want to try roller skating too!
22/3/2021 5:41:17 PM
Awesome! I really would like to try roller skating sometime soon!
13/2/2021 6:33:10 AM
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