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Pop star school with Dami Im

Pop star school with Dami Im

We chat to Aussie pop sensation, Dami Im!

How old were you when you decided you wanted to be a musician, and what or who inspired you to do so?

I started learning the piano from when I was five years old. I always loved music and my hobby was to pick up a new instrument like the violin and the flute. I realised I was better at the piano than most people my age when I was around 12, so I decided I might as well keep going with it.  

When you were a typical TG reader's age, what were your aspirations and dreams? 

I thought (at a TG readers age), I was going to be a concert pianist because that was I was good at. I ended up becoming a singer who also plays the piano and a pop songwriter. I was around 13 when I started recording my voice on the computer and I became obsessed with improving it. 

Where do you typically get inspiration from for your music? 

All of my songs are inspired by people around me like my family and friends and also my enemies and people that I don’t talk to anymore!

Do you mind talking us through your songwriting process? 

I sit at my piano and play chords that I'm in the mood for. I try and find a melody and words to get me started which either becomes the chorus or the very first line of the song which I build the rest of the song on.

How do you approach writing lyrics?

I have a folder on my computer with notes and different lyrics that I already started on. When I'm finishing a song, I look through the unfinished ideas and combine them into a song. Sometimes, I also do a brain dump of all the words and phrases into one and use it as a pallet that I can choose later. 

What advice would you give to TGs thinking about picking up an instrument?

Go do it! More instruments you can learn to play the better!


Catch more of Pop Star School with Dami Im in TG's POP issue! Out now! 

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