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Shout out to everyone at TG for being amazing!! 🤩 Could you please please please put Millie Bobby Brown on the cover or even on a poster? She is my favorite celeb and it would mean the world to me! ❤️ - Penelope Hi I love you charli - Lucy Hi I love your art work - Shanoa hope that everyone is having a happy and safe holidays - Amina Hey TG! I love your mags and I'm a really big fan of yours. My fav mag is Ari goes global and I think that Raya from the movie is amazing. I love to just put on a face mask and read your mags. XOXO Seraya - Seraya I ❤️These mags! - Lucca Good day fox - Lance Shoutout to total girls!!! I just want to say that I love you guys so much, I am such a fan of yours and I love your books I can just read them all day long!!💋💋💋 - Fasia I love all of your mags - Selin I'm new toTG but luv It already stay safe and well 😘all my girls - Bri!!!!!


Yes the friendship tips are always useful in life! Hopefully I can see the move one day, I haven’t heard of it!
25/1/2021 7:35:46 PM
Love it
10/1/2021 10:53:29 AM
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