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Light the Night for a special cause! This Saturday Oct 16

Light the Night for a special cause! This Saturday Oct 16

Join in on a special event by lighting lanterns!

Hey TGs, 

Did you read the amazing Real Life Read story in our September mag? 

It was about TG reader Charli, who helped raise over $128,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. Incredible! 💖

Charli set up the 'Shine Like Charli' movement to show people what it's like to have Leukaemia, and to "show other kids like me, who might be having a hard time, that it's not all bad. They can get through it, just like I am." 

Charli's family did the World's Greatest Shave - where they were sponsored to shave, or cut and colour their hair. "The money raised helps the Leukaemia Foundation support people with blood cancer," said Faye, Charli's mum, "And to continue the awesome research they do, in hope of finding a cure."


We were feeling so inspired after hearing about Charli's story, and guess what? There's a virtual event coming up for those who want to get involved!


✨ Light the Night 

When: Light the Night takes place across Australia this Saturday 16 October.

What: On the night, you and your family can take part in in the official virtual lantern lighting ceremony to support those whose lives have been touched by blood cancer.  

How: How you choose to participate is up to you! You can host a family dinner, a barbeque under the stars, or a twilight picnic in your backyard!

For more info: ask your parents to visit 

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