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TG’s Alex chats with Disney star Stef Scott about A.N.T Farm, her new TV show and her favourite adventures destinations!

What have you been working on since A.N.T Farm wrapped?
I just wrapped Jem and the Holograms, which is about me and my sisters and we’re in a girl band and trying to rise to fame. It’s based off an eighties TV show. I play Kimber, she’s the feisty red-head on the keyboard, and it was just a really good project and the three girls that played my sisters became basically like my sisters.
So you’ve done A.N.T Farm and that was music based and Jem and the Holograms is too, is that the kind of work that you gravitate towards?

I do enjoy it because I love musicals and I want to do broadway musical theatre one day. I’ve always been a big musical theatre fan. I’ve memorised albums and I love singing along to shows when I go to New York. Yeah, so I do love musicals and I’d really like to do more of them
What was the last day on A.N.T Farm like?

The last day was bittersweet. We were definitely crying in the very last scene and they brought the cake out and everybody did a round of applause and we had a live audience there and we did our final bows.
So there’s lots to see here in California and in Florida where you grew up. What are the top three must see places in the world for you?

I want to go to Europe really badly. I want to do all the cheesy stuff, but I also want to go to all the little villages and do fun things like that and just experience it. I’ve also really wanted to go to India, I think that would be a really neat experience. And I’ve also always wanted to go to Ireland. And Japan and Australia, like any of the big places. But I’m really into cultural places.
What’s been the best place that you’ve been to so far?

I haven’t really ever travelled off this continent. I really liked Mexico when I went on vacation, and I shot in Canada. But New York City is my favourite place in the world.
Do you consider yourself as an adventurous person?

Yes. I do love adventure. I don’t know, I just love random adventures. I love driving in the middle of the night with great music and the windows down. That’s like my favourite picturesque thing to do, you know?
What’s the best road-trip you’ve been on?

We once drove down to Hearst Castle which was like a four-hour trip and it’s just an old castle from the 1920’s and it’s beautiful.

What’s your favourite road trip tune?
I love musical theatre, so sometimes I’ll just put on a whole album and I’ve memorised it and sing along to the whole thing. I also like OneRepublic and I also love Dan and Shay, which is a country band.

Being an adventurous girl if someone dares you to do something, are you likely to do it?
It depends what the dare is! If its harmless I’ll probably do it, if it’s goofy I’ll do it, but if it’s jeopardizing something then I would never do that.

What’s the funniest dare you’ve ever given anyone?
He’s not a big rollercoaster guy so I think I’ve made him go on some big rollercoasters with me and he tries to act all macho and cool but he’s really screaming on the inside. He also hates scary movies, so ill make him see a scary movie with me. I want to star in a scary movie one day and bring him to the premiere and watch him cry. Those are the real goals! I just love watching my macho brother get scared!


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29/3/2015 4:48:05 AM
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