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Gooooo Vixens! TG chats with netball star Emily Mannix

Gooooo Vixens! TG chats with netball star Emily Mannix

Superstar netballer, Emily Mannix of the Melbourne Vixens, shares her sportacular advice!

Hey Emily, you’ve been playing netball since you were six years old! What do you love most about the sport? 

I love the friendships I have made along the way. Many of my closest friends are from netball teams I have played in, even those I played in when I was a junior. 

What has been your favourite moment in your sports career so far? 

Winning the 2020 Suncorp Super Netball championship. After spending three and a half months in a Queensland hub, away from family and friends, we were able to achieve something so special as a group. It was such a close game, only winning by two goals against West Coast Fever. I also celebrated a bit too early... lucky we already had it in the bag!

Playing sport comes with its own challenges - how do you bounce back when something like an injury stops you from playing? 

I have had a few random injuries over the years. I recently broke my knuckle which saw me sidelined for a few weeks. For me, it's about focusing on rehab and accepting that there are going to be good days, and some not so good days. I try and surround myself with positive and supportive people. 


What are your biggest goals for the future?  

I would love to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games or the Netball World Cup. These competitions are the highest level you can play at in netball. 

What message do you have for girls who dream of representing Australia or New Zealand in sport one day? 

All you can do is try your best! For me, I was never the best player in the team growing up. There were times where I wasn't selected and I've had my fair share of ups and downs along the way. But I never gave up, I always wanted to learn and improve and have made many sacrifices to get where I am today. If you work hard and have a fun doing it, you can achieve anything.


Want more? Catch the more of the rest of this awesome interview in the August issue of Total Girl magazine - out now! 



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