Lab Rats star, actor Kelli Burglund shares fab style and fashion advice!

Describe your style in 3 words

  • Eclectic
  • Daring
  • Comfortable

What's your fave trend right now?
I love lace right now, that's going to be really big this season. I also love mullet dresses that are long at the back and short at the front.

What is your fave outfit?

I just got a cute pair of boots they're red and have little studs on them. I wear them with everything but I love wearing them with jeans and a top and a leather jackets.

Who is your style icon?
I really like Demi Lovato, I've always looked up to her style-wise and even on X Factor her fashion has been a little out there but she always pulls it off. I try to emulate her style in my wardrobe.

Would you ever colour your hair pink like she has in the past?
I have actually considered that. Obviously I can't because of the show right now but maybe when we're on a break. Maybe I could try that one day.

Do you have a style tip to share with us?

Always be comfortable, because the more comfortable you are the happier you are. Also just go for it, be daring in your fashion, use it to express who you are.

Quickfire questions with Kelli Berglund!
Fave ice-cream flavour - Mint chip
Ice-cream or sorbet - Sorbet 
Fave colour Turquoise 
Fave TV Show - Lab Rats hehe!
Fave Disney Show - Phineas and Ferb
Fave Movie - Mean Girls