Claire and Rosie open up the September issue of Total Girl! 

It’s in the air and all throughout this month’s magazine! Our cover stars Dove and Sofia give us the goss from the Isle of the Lost in the lead up to Descendants 3. Try your hand at our special Descendants IQ test and find out how deep your fandom goes. If that’s still not enough of the super awesome VKs, we have a mega poster inside this issue!

TG sits down with hilar Aussie YouTuber Georgia Productions to find out what it’s like being famous online. Get some sage advice on how to Swiftly Glam – Totally Glam offers tips on how to get a magical Taylor look! Magicians aren’t the only ones who know a few tricks. TG Goes behind the scenes of filmmaking with Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Aquaman, The Lion King and more.

This issue comes with a free Flippy Sequin Scrunchie. There are two to collect.