Awww, how cute are Sel and her mum Mandy?

Mums are like, the most special people in the whole wide world, because they’re so strong, loving and wise. They do so much for us every day, so what better way to thank Mum than making her feel extra special on Mother’s Day (Sunday May 10)? 

Show mum how much you love her with these easy pressie ideas…

  • Make your mum Mother’s Day Vouchers! You could draw a pretty flower, and on each one of the petals, write something that you can do for her! (eg. make her a cup of tea, give her a big hug etc)


  • Make her a Love Heart Note to tell her the things you appreciate about her most!



  • Write mum a poem or a short story about an awesome moment you guys had together!


Don’t forget to pick up your copy of TG’s May issue for even more fun Mother’s Day ideas!