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Pyjama Party (Nintendo Wii)

Pyjama Party for Wii is packed with over 30 mini games that will get you up and dancing, pillow fighting, cooking, racing and playing in ways that will keep you and your besties laughing all night!

Create your customized Charm Girl and team up with up to 8 of your bffs! Plus, earn over 40 virtual charms for your online jewellery box!

My Perfect Prom (Nintendo DS)

It's party time at Charm Valley Academy! You're on the social committee and you've got to make it the best prom ever!

There's four party locations with six customisable themes. There's also 10 mini games including car wash, bake sale, date creator, photo booth, dance off and more! You can also earn over 50 virtual charms!

My Fashion Mall (Nintendo DS)

Emilie's uncle has just opened the new Teen mega-mall but it's not so cool. As experts on what's 'in', you and your BFF's are called in to transform the mall from drab to fab! 

You can play over 10 mini-games such as makeovers, mani-pedis, pet pampering and more! There are over 50 virtual charms to earn throughout gameplay.

My Fashion Show (Nintendo DS)

You've been selected as one of the finalists in a world famous fashion show and with your BFF's backing you up, you're ready to work your way to the top! 

There's 24 design challenges with over 10 fashion based mini-games including dress-up, makeup, hair station, pose practice and more! You can also accessorise and posh-up 5 different pets and earn over 50 virtual charms!

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