In the latest Directionland...

The One Direction boys want their next video clip to be the BEST EVER, so they enlist none other than Justin Bieber to help them. But will it work out? Or will Bieber go ballistic?

You have to get the July issue of Total Girl to find out!

Here's some behind the scenes shots from the set of Directionland, Australia's one and only One Direction doll comic.

Bieber does the splits!
Biebs: "Okay guys. You should try to do the splits at least once in every video clip."
Niall: "Dude. That looks epic painful."

Biebs tries to plank
Biebs: "This isn't a mistake at all, I'm just planking."
Louis: "Erm... planking is on your stomach. You're just lying down."

Zayn fixes Harry's hair
Niall: "Whoa - nobody move. Zayn, fix Harry's hair, stat!"
Zayn: "I am, I am! Sheesh Haz, how much gel are you wearing?"

Group hug!
Selena: "Guys, guys, hug it out! Your video clip will never be better than mine, anyway!"