Have you ever read any of the Dork Diaries books before?

Well you must read 'Dear Dork' - it is the best book in the whole series.

In this book Nikki, Zoe and her other friends are playing truth or dare when Zoe dares Nikki to toilet paper Mackenzie's house.

Well it doesn't go to plan because Mackenzie's dog Fi Fi catches them in the bushes, and as Mackenzie follows her dog she finds a big surprise. Looks like the toilet paper caper didn't go so well!

We recommend that people 14 and under will absolutely love this book so hurry to the book store now and get your own copy of 'Dear Dork'... you'll be sure to love it.

We rate this book a 10/10. Trust us you'll love it!!!

Our fab readers, Brooke and Jasmine! 

P.S. The new Dork Diaries book, 'Holiday Heartbreak' in stores from 1 June 2013!