By Erin Rooney

In case any of you have missed it TGs, 1D are in Australia and they’re performing seven shows around the country. And the best news is…we were at the first one!! 

Total Girl's Erin get's excited for the 1D concert!

TG’s Erin getting excited for the show with her ticket!


When they came out on stage, it was totes exciting because there were fireworks and a massive light show, and they zoomed in on each of the boys using video that projected on HUGE screens! They kicked off the night by playing “Clouds” and they were so close that they defs heard me singing out all the lyrics!

First Song of the On The Road Again tour

Then they played “Steal My Girl” and the whole crowd went wild! It was so cool to see all of their personalities performing – Harry was such a rock star, Louis joked around lots, Liam was the one who kept everyone on track, Zayn could always hold a note and Niall was doing the funniest dance moves.


There were lots of cool surprises throughout the night – during “Alive” a whole part of the stage lifted up and they started dancing on it! They also borrowed a girl’s phone from the audience and snapped a silly selfie on it – we’re so jelly TGs! Niall even tried to do an Australian accent, and it was surprisingly good!


My fave songs were “Little Things” and “Night Changes” because the stage got really pretty and everyone brought out their phones so the stadium was filled with little glowing lights!

The stadium was filled with twinkling lights for One Direction!

Were any of you at the show TGs? Tell us what you thought! We wanna know!