February 18, 2014


Finally some good TV news! There's a new show coming to Saturday Disney this month: Dog With A Blog!

Dog With A Blog stars G Hannelius as Avery, a super-uptight high achiever, whose dog, Stan, can talk, type and even rock "jazz paws"!

Kids' TV News: Dog With A Blog! Photo: Getty Images
Stan's super adorbs "jazz paws"


Avery is a total perfectionist with a totally chilled out BFF, and she's accidentally heaps funny! Even when she's the only student to go to school on 'ditch day', she still insists on taking a scheduled test!

Kids' TV News: Dog With A Blog actor G Hannelius! Photo: Getty Images
Actor G. Hannelius plays Avery on Dog With A Blog


We think this show is going to be hilarious and totally worth tuning in to (even just to see Stan - he's so cute)!

Check it out!

Saturday Disney is on Channel 7 from 6am-7am and switches over to 7TWO from 7am-9am.