This is the summer for amazing new TV shows!

The latest release is Girl Meets World, coming out in 2014!

Waaay back in the '90s, the show Boy Meets World was a huge hit on the small screen. Main characters Cory and Topanga were high school sweethearts in a crazy world filled with drama.

Fast-forward to 2014, and Cory and Topanga are grown up and married, with a daughter of their own: Riley.

Girl Meets World: Cory, Topanga and Riley. Photo: Getty Images
Riley with her parents - the stars of the original show.

Riley's facing all the same life lessons her parents did (plus her dad is her high school teacher!), and it's apparent that Boy Meets World is repeating, but with a girl! 

Riley is played by awesome new actor Rowan Blanchard. She is going to be a huge star!

The original Cory and Topanga are back: Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel!

When the weather is crazy, you're stuck inside or you're just looking for some downtime, sometime you just want to curl up with a funny and fabulous TV show. Girl Meets World is the perfect one!