From Hollywood to the basketball court, we’d totes want to live in TV land with Liv and Maddie… such excitement! Wanna learn more about the dynamic duo? Check out these totes fun facts about the Rooney girls.



  • She hadn’t seen her fam for four years because she was busy being a Hollywood star! She’s glad to be back now.

  • She’s been playing basketball with her dad since she was 5!

  • She often sings the name of her TV show, Sing It Loud!
  • Her catch phrase is “Bam! What?!”

  • She is bubbly and confident!

  • She often gets nervous and plays with her charm bracelet.

  • She is thought to be dumb, but is secretly a genius!

  • She’s known at school for being super sporty and a totes outstanding student!

  • She was born first out of the twins!

  • She is Maddie’s best friend!

But despite their differences, Liv and Maddie do have some things in common! Like, the rest of their family has brown hair and their hair is blonde.

But most of all, they also share an actress!

Dove Cameron plays both Liv AND Maddie using super-cool film technology that allows them to edit the scenes together.

You can watch Liv and Maddie Wednesdays at 5pm on Disney Channel. Which twin are you most like TGs? Tell us in the comments below!