OMTG! One Direction just released their new album, Made In The A.M., and it’s got some really fun tunes on it for you to sing and dance to.


Even though Zayn’s left the band, they’ve still got the One Direction sound we know and love! If you’re a 1D fan, you defs won’t be disappointed.


Here are our fave five tracks:

  1. ‘End of the Day’ – Sing this loud and proud with your BFFs! This would be the best song to clap along to at a 1D concert.

  2. ‘Hey Angel’ – This is a really fun track that’s about admiring someone – anyone, like a family member or BFF – for their unique qualities!

  3. ‘Perfect’ – Not only is this the ‘perfect’ song to get stuck in your head all day, but it’s all about taking a risk and having an adventure! Sounds like great fun to us, TGs.

  4. ‘Never Enough’ – It sounds really different to the other songs on the album! The beat underneath is sooo catchy.

  5. ‘Walking in the Wind’ – You know when you say goodbye to someone you love? This is about always thinking about them and dreaming of the day you’ll see each other again!


What’s your fave track TGs? Have a listen and tell us in the comments below!