We heard you got your start as the lead in a play at school, what was that experience like? 
I always loved movies growing up so theatre was a good way for me to break into the business. I was nervous doing my first play because I was kind of a shy kid but it gets you out of your comfort zone and that's what acting is all about. 
When do you feel like you got your big break?
Definitely when Lab Rats got picked up. I've done three pilots for Disney, but if the pilot doesn't go, no one gets to see the show. 
What's your ideal role?
I have booked a lot of comedy roles, but I feel like my strength is drama.  A cool action movie wouldn't be bad either!
What happens in season two of Lab Rats?
There's still a ton of comedy and action, but new characters threaten our bionic secret in season two, so there's a little bit of drama which I know the audience is going to love. We also get a few new abilities so you will have to watch and see what happens! 
What’s your favourite on-set story?
Personally I like being like an older brother to my cast mates, so my favourite story is when we hang out and talk. Kelli Berglund, who plays Bree, asks me for a lot of advice and we are pretty close. I like that because I'm the youngest in my family so it's like having a little sister.
What’s your favourite episode?
We filmed an epic two-part episode in the middle of season two where my character Adam discovers a cool new ability while he's trying to save his family. It's the biggest action episode Disney has ever done; I can't wait for people to see it.
Who are you closest to on the cast?
Kelli and I hang out a lot. We have similar personalities and have always gotten along really well. 
What’s your favourite movie?
Growing up I wanted to be a spy so I was really into Spy Kids and Mission Impossible
What do you do in your spare time?
I like being active so I work out a lot or I'll go hiking with friends and my one-year-old golden retriever, Jack.
What’s your favorite thing about working on a Disney show?
Disney has always been really good to me. They make shows that kids really love and getting to interact with the fans who like something you've worked on is always really cool. My fans are the best!
What are you looking forward to most about coming to Australia?
A ton of things. Maia Mitchell is a friend of mine and since she's moved to The States she's told me all about Australia. I've got to do all of the tourist stuff like see the Sydney Opera house. I want I learn to surf but I hear it's going to be winter there, so I might have to do that next time. Also want to try Vegemite again, I think Maia made it wrong for me the first time!