Johnny Ruffo chats to TG! Photo: Getty Images

Tell us about your new song Untouchable!
It’s a really fun song, it’s pretty smooth with some Justin Timberlake influences and some Michael Jackson ones too.  

Are they artists you look up to?
I listen to MJ, and like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and all those sorts of artists. So when I write, I think you can’t help it, you have subliminal influences that go into the song that you don’t even realise.

What was the inspiration behind the song?
I don’t know, it was a co-write so there were four of us who wrote it and we wanted something a bit different from what's on the radio. We just wanted to move away from that and made something more organic that’s just very vocal-driven.

You’ve got some fun in-store appearances soon, do you enjoy meeting your fans?
I think that’s kind of like the dessert part of the experience. You know how you have your meal which is the music and the treat is meeting the people making it possible. They’re the ones that you’re making the music for. And the in-stores are a great way to do that.

What’s the craziest fan moment you’ve had so far?
Oh, there’s been quite a few. There’s too many, there’s too many to name one. I think just lots of things but it’s all really nice.

What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for a fan?
The nicest thing I’ve done for a fan? I’ve donated some money for a fan’s fundraising thing once. I always try to talk to them and meet them. I try to do everything I can.

Is there going to be an album?
There’s definitely an album in the works at the moment. 

Do you enjoy the dancing aspect more than the music-making?
Probably the music. I definitely enjoy the music more. I think creating the music is just so different. And the dancing side of it is more of a visual aspect, it’s more of a music video visual thing. And you know when I do the live shows, I like to dance a lot. So yeah I think it’s good fun, it keeps me fit. 

What are some tips for budding singers?
You need to believe in yourself, if you really believe in yourself then nothing can knock you down. Even if someone tells you no, you’re not good enough then go to the next person and the next person until you find the person who tells you yes. It happened to me, lots of people didn’t believe in me and I kept trying.