Hey TGsGoldie from Path of the Beasts

If you've read Path of Beasts by Lian Tanner you'll know Goldie like she's your bestie in real life! Catch all the Keeper chat in our interview.

Love and mud fights

So tell us, what is a usual day like for Goldie?
There’s no such thing as a usual day in the Museum of Dunt! Every day starts out the same – I get up early and have breakfast with the other Keepers, including Toadspit (who always hogs the strawberry jam) – but after that, anything can happen. And I mean anything. Runaway street-rigs, earthquakes, invading armies. Oh yes, and mud fights!

Do you live in the City of Jewel? 
Sort of. I live in the museum, which is in Jewel, but feels like a completely different place. Especially when I go to the really dangerous rooms, like Old Scratch.  

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I often visit Ma and Pa, or they visit me. I might be Fifth Keeper, but I still love to see them as much as I can. Other days I teach Mouse to read, play chasings with Broo, or practise my throwing so that next time I have a mud fight with Toadspit I’ll definitely win!

What bad habits does Toadspit have?Toadspit - Path of Beasts
He hogs the strawberry jam! And when I’m in a bad mood he calls me ‘warrior princess’ and pretends to be afraid of me. I suppose that’s not such a bad habit really, because it always makes me laugh, which gets me out of my bad mood. 

Bonnie - Path of BeastsWhat three words would you use to describe Bonnie?
Fierce. Loyal. Stubborn. (I could use exactly the same words to describe Toadspit! They’re very alike, though they’d hate me to say so.)

You’re so brave Goldie, walking the Beast Road and all. What tips do you have for girls who are looking to boost their confidence and go on an adventure?
First, don’t let being scared stop you. Everyone’s scared sometimes, including me and Toadspit. But if you really want to do something, you just have to jump in and do it. 
Second, use your heart AND your brain. Your heart’ll tell you where you want to go. Your brain’ll help you make good decisions along the way. 
Third, take a good friend with you if you can. Friendship makes adventures (and mud fights) so much better!

Path of Beasts is out now at your local bookshop.