What are you most excited about the third album 24/Seven?
Hearing our songs on the radio and hearing the fans sing with us at our concerts.  That is probably the best feeling; when thousands, tens of thousands of people are all singing together.  

We know you will be touring with Victoria Justice around America, what are you most excited about that tour?
I’m most excited about being able to perform for all the fans.  I think Victoria brings a great vibe to the tour so I’m stoked to see how the audience responds.

Describe what your tour bus looks like, is it messy, full of gaming consoles or do you keep it very neat and tidy?
I’m totally not neat and tidy. I think most of the guys are thankful when I manage to keep my mess contained in my bunk instead of strewn about the bus.

Are there any tour bus rules that you have to abide by?
Don’t let Dustin take his shoes off.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?
One fan acted like she fainted right in front of me and fell to the ground. I rushed over to help her only to find she was faking and then asked for a kiss.

When you write songs for Big Time Rush, do you each have a go at writing your own song or write lyrics together?
Generally when we write, we write separately, but sometimes we write together.  On the 24/Seven album though, most of the songs were written by at least two of us.  Carlos and James wrote a lot together and Logan and I wrote quite a few songs together.

What are you most looking forward to when you come to Australia?
I’m most looking forward to seeing our fans. The Australian fans have an incredible energy about them and it will be incredible to be wrapped up in it.

Has Victoria given you any tips about Australia?
We’ve been working on our accents. Problem is that my accent starts off Australian then gradually become Kiwi-like and ends up British.

Quick fire questions!

If you had to be any Australian animal, which one would you be?
A platypus or koala. They only thrive in Aus.

What are each of your phobias?
Spiders freaked me out pretty good as a kid. I’ve gotten better with age.

A song that’s stuck in your head?

Who spends the longest time on their hair?
Everyone in the band is rocking short hair... we’re low maintenance.

What is each of your nerdiest secret?
I’m a health nut and animal enthusiast.

What is each of your first impressions of each other?
These guys look like they could be in a boy band...

Big Time Rush are headlining Nickelodeon's SLIMEFEST on September 27, held at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre. For tickets visit www.nickelodeon.com.au.