1. What’s it like to get slimed? 

    Luke: Slime has a bit of a tang, it tastes a bit funky but in a good way like mint-cold boogers. It doesn’t wash out nicely. Leftover slime tends to go into crevices.

  2. What was your favourite challenge?

    Wyatt: Up and Undies! We took a big sky climb and covered it in my undies and got to run around and commentate while the kids collected as many undies as they could.
    Luke: He has heaps of undies, they are all over-sized, they look like they belong to a nan, and I’m really proud of him for that. 

  3. Do you have a dream challenge that Nickelodeon won't let you do?

    Wyatt: Oh yeah, so many dream challenges. I really wanted to do a challenge where there’s a speed boat, we do a challenge called ‘extreme jelly fishing’ and I really wanted to drive speed boats. I was like, “put me out there, I’m good with speed boats, let me just be the guy with the contestants in the background fishing” and they were like “that’s cool, we don’t do that” and I was like “oh, come on guys!” That’s just one example of how I want to take it a bit more to the extreme. Some of the challenges have been really good though. There was a really gross challenge you unfortunately missed out on but it stank so much. This challenge was called ‘fish and slips’ which was like a slime slide combined with gross fish heads and at the end we had a food fight on the slime and it was dog food, fish heads, mealworms and cold spaghetti. Dog food stinks. It stinks so bad when it gets wet and is thrown at you. Like it was heaps fun and then – I’m starting to vomit a bit in my mouth thinking about it, it was really gross.
      And then we couldn’t have showers for a while because we had to travel back to camp and we were just covered in dog food, so gross.

  4. What would be in your ultimate ‘Wrong Town Dinner’?

    Luke: I’ll answer for Wyatt: he hates banana and avocado, it’s a texture thing. I would mash up bananas and avocado and he would eat it. You would get an amazing reaction.
    Wyatt: For Luke, I'd make him do a challenge: roll in glitter and get stuck with stickers because he doesn't like glitter or the texture of the back of stickers. I think he had a horrible accident in kindergarten, like his teacher turned into glitter or something. 

  5. What’s the message of Camp Orange? Is it that you want kids to be brave and adventurous?

    Wyatt: It’s all about teamwork and having fun with your best mate. It’s like a camp, just hanging out and having fun. In those moments, you don’t want sporty kids or brainy kids, just best mates.