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If ur reading this Caitlin Sophia Abigail dacqula, ur the best! - Willow i lurrrrrrrrrve ur mags they make me soo happy when i read them i feel like i could poop and fart rainbow glitter - Ava Hi I am a huge fan of total girl. I have about 16 mags. - Elsie I love compition - MANAHIL HEY!! (someone in the shoutouts said to say hi back so here it is!! 😁😉😀👋) - Isabelle OMG hi guys i love u all so much, thank u😘 - Emily I would love to win the scooter - sofia I want shout out to my bff kate - Sibella shoutout to ma bestie nickala also have an amazing day<3 - Phoebe hiiiiiiiii - Mahli
Download your FREE Holiday Activity (And Unboxing) Book

Download your FREE Holiday Activity (And Unboxing) Book

The Free Holiday Activity (and Unboxing) Book is here to save the holidays!


Hey TGs!

To celebrate the end of the year we’ve created a free Holiday Activity (and Unboxing) Book, packed with awesome activities and some cool gift ideas we love! 

This activity book can be downloaded and printed but many of the activities, recipes and puzzles can be enjoyed without having to print anything at all.


If you aren’t able or choose not to print this book, no worries! We recommend you grab some blank paper and a pencil or pen to help you solve brain-teasers or puzzles and keep track of your answers.

If you complete this book and want even more puzzles, Total Girl magazines are available at supermarkets and newsagents. The December issue is on sale now! 

Remember to always check with an adult before attempting any of the recipes.

Looking for solutions? All the answers are revealed at the back of the book! 

Have a happy summer holiday, TGs!

Catch ya soon, 
Team TG x


Love this mag my daughter loves the book to
22/1/2021 8:41:18 PM
Total Girl rox ♥️♥️
20/1/2021 10:13:52 PM
Hi my Favorite thing in making my Bed of A morning And Going and having Breakfast And having my Tablets of.
6/1/2021 9:06:11 AM
So awesome of the Total girl peeps to give free activity books I already tried mine, others enjoy yours!
3/12/2020 9:13:17 PM
You guys are great!!!
3/12/2020 7:47:02 PM
Zara M
Hi! I LOVE!!!! mags! They are the best!
3/12/2020 4:00:24 PM
so we can get it for free??
3/12/2020 7:25:49 AM
hi im new here love *UUUUUUUUUUU
2/12/2020 5:03:16 PM
Hey guys just wanted you to know I really love you people and you inspired me to do anything for anyone
2/12/2020 8:17:14 AM
Hey guys I’m Emma and I really like you guys
2/12/2020 8:11:51 AM
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