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Demi Lovato Is Making A Video Game!

Demi Lovato Is Making A Video Game!

Demi isn’t just a singer, she’s a gamer too!

Demi Lovato is a super talented star - not only is she a singer, songwriter, and actress, but now she’s making her very own mobile game!

The game will be a β€˜choose your own adventure’ style game, where you get to pursue your own music career! You can decide which way you want to go and where you want to perform, and you’ll join Demi on stage and off throughout the game.

Even her adorable dog Buddy is gonna be part of it! The game will also include some of Demi’s music in it along the way.

So look out for her mobile game, coming out at the end of winter this year! Plus, TG has also heard that Katy Perry has one in the works too…


28/6/2015 5:16:39 AM
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