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I love ❤️ TG mag’s never stop being so AMAZING 🤩-Sarah - Sarah Heyy TG, Could you please have more Indigenous themes? To celebrate Reconciliation Week. Thanks xoxo Willow - Zoe I love TG best magazine ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - chloe hi - cecily JUSTIN!!! FEATURE JUSTIN!!! - Jade WE LOVE YOU TG! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ada To all the Girls in the World: UR SO AWESOME! :) :) :) - Kaitlyn This is to my justriaboga BFF from new fours leg love you so much my freyabala from you BFF - Agbesdarlanygraol Heyy!! I love your mags! I buy them every month! I love the dream smp :) - Ella Shout out to my bffffffl charlotte who is on the other side of the city rn. I live tg plz never stop making urags! I really love the babysitters club and lird of the rings. Omg, i have a total crush on legolas lol. My fave band is prob one direction or cimorelli. I also have a crush on louis and niall lmao - Ava??
December Mystery Guest Blusher

December Mystery Guest Blusher

Did you guess the celeb guest blusher?

Taylor Swift

It's Taylor Swift!
Tay-tay says "I was performing on stage and a gust of wind blew my skirt up. My knickers were on show to the entire audience". How embarrassing!
Have you had a totes embarrassing moment recently? Let us know!


Ha Ha that sounds so embarrassing! OMTG! #u r my No.1 fave!!!
22/12/2015 6:54:18 AM
Omg taylor I am a massive fan I went to your red tour I want to go this year but unfortunately I can't afford to you are naturally pretty I love u
18/10/2015 10:24:26 AM
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