The November issue of TG is our secrets issue! Check out this fun and easy DIY to make your very own secret diary...

What you'll need:

- A small, plain notebook.
- Two or more rolls of washi tape.
- A big hole punch (ask Mum or Dad if you can borrow one).
- A small lock and key set.

What to do:

1. Using the first roll of washi tape, stick a long piece down in a long horizontal line (so that it wraps from edge to edge). 

2. Switch to the other roll of washi tape and do the same thing underneath the first strip. Switch back to the other colour of tape, or mix it up depending on how many rolls you have, to make an amazing pattern.

3. When you've covered the book in tape, get a parent to help punch a hole in the open edge of the book (that's where the lock will go).

4. Lock it up and practise unlocking it with the key before you hide it somewhere safe. That's it - you've got your very own secret diary to store all your biggest dreams inside!

5. If you wanna get crafty, grab some jewels from a craft store to stick on the front. Make sure you've got coloured pencils and markers too, coz drawing beautiful pictures inside your diary is a great way to focus on your goals.