Adventure Time holiday collection

Oh my glob! Cartoon Network are giving away some adorbs Adventure Time Christmas decorations to celebrate the release of the Holiday Collection on DVD!

TGs, here’s what you have to do before you can hang Finn and Jake on the Christmas tree. You just need some thread, glue and scissors – it’s too easy! Click on the images below, print out the large version and follow the instructions to make your tree totes algebraic! Good luck!

Adventure Time decoration cut-out

Adventure time decoration cut-out

The Cartoon Network Holiday Collection will be released on December 3! It contains Adventure Time’s ‘Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1 and 2’, as well as ‘The Christmas’ episode from The Amazing World of Gumball ‘ and ‘The Christmas Special’ from Regular Show. As an extra holiday gift, the DVD also features bonus episodes from Clarence and Steven Universe! Cool!