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China Anne McClain

China Anne McClain

China sings, dances and acts on A.N.T. Farm!
Photography: Getty Images

Birthday: 25 August, 1998
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Why she's famous:
  • She plays Chyna Parks in A.N.T. Farm
  • She sings six songs on the A.N.T. Farm soundtrack
  • She played Jazmine Payne in Tyler Perry's House of Payne

Why we love her:
  1. She can sing, act and write songs! TG's fave is the song, Calling All the Monsters.
  2. She also recorded the song 'Your Biggest Fan' with Nick Jonas.
  3. She won the award for Best Performance - Actress of Comedy in the 2011 NAMIC Vision Awards for her role as Jasmine Payne in Perry's House of Payne.

Here's some pics of her on her hit show, A.N.T. Farm!
China McClain on A.N.T Farm
China Anne McClain with her A.N.T. Farm co-stars
China McClain with Zendaya
Zendaya guest starred in this LOLarious episode


Dont give up on ur dreames chinne.
29/10/2013 8:43:36 PM
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