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Camp Orange: Have You Picked a Team?

Camp Orange: Have You Picked a Team?

Dare TG's Alex or Claire, and they'll take the challenge!
Camp Orange Spill Seekers is coming soon!
To get in the orangey, slimey spirit, TG's Claire and Alex have started their own teams!
Check out TG's Claire and Alex in their Camp Orange sweatshirts!
Camp Orange: Claire vs Alex!
Claire vs Alex! Who will you pick?
Tell us whose team you're on and dare us to a challenge!

The best dares will be filmed or photographed then uploaded right here to the Total Girl website! Keep an eye out!
Team Claire or Team Alex? Whose team are you in?
Email with your team and your dare!

Camp Orange: Spill Seekers premieres Tuesday June 25 at 5pm on Nickelodeon!


Have a slime pool and make them have to find 5 balloons and whoever gets their 5 balloons first is the winner.
4/7/2015 12:30:44 AM
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