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5 mins with... The voice of Mei from Disney's Turning Red

5 mins with... The voice of Mei from Disney's Turning Red

We caught up with Rosalie Chiang (the voice of Mei) from Turning Red!

Hey TGs, 

Check this out! We caught up Rosalie Chiang who voices the character Meilin or 'Mei' from the epic movie Turning Red. Read on to find out all the cool stuff that Rosalie had to say! 

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Hey Rosalie! How would you describe Mei? 

Meilin is very energetic, she's confident but she's also like an emotional mess, she has her highs and lows. But, one thing I admire about her is that she doesn't back down without a fight. 

What was it like working with Pixar? Can you share any surprising details? 

The Pixar campus is just magical, honestly. If you try to envision what Pixar is like, it's exactly that. On the huge campus, each of the buildings are very Pixar themed, they decorate the buildings based on an upcoming movie or movie that they're currently showing. They have a soccer field and a swimming pool, and a specific display for all their awards! 

Turning 13 can be such a tricky age! What do you think TGs can learn from Mei? 

To not be afraid if you're different. You might want to follow the trends and be like others, but I think differences are what make people special and I think that's something I struggled with a lot when I was younger. Embrace your imperfections, embrace your red panda and make the best out of it. 

Let us know who your fave Turning Red character is in the comments below! 



Gabby A
16/8/2022 5:22:07 PM
I absolutely love Turning Red! It is awesome!
12/8/2022 11:23:52 AM
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