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hey peeps!!!! i just looove total girl hope all the peeps out there are having a safe lockdown BTW i got the collage kit and OMG i love it!!!!!! ( : - The Cool Kleio Shout out to my amazing parents who have been so supportive, my sister Azalea for always being her kind self, my bets friend Tiffany for always being there and for my cat and dog Jessie and Indie for being so cute!!! - TG reader Zoe-Rose Love the mags! - Milla Hi TG! I love your mags I’m obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo and her song Good 4 u shout out to my BFF LaurenπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ€ͺ - Indiana I want to send a shout or at total girls - Drea I LOVE YOUR MAGNIXENS!! TG is the best thing that l have ever read! never stop making them! :) - Charlotte On the next magazine can you put maybe Shot Of The Yeagers/SOTY Family on the front - Willow i hope i win the nentendo switch but good luck to everyone how did it - tahlia I love totalgirl & Ariana Grande - Nahlea Good luck to everyone entering the comps!😊😊 - Eva


I love Louis so so so so so so so so much.😍
16/12/2013 9:37:39 AM
One direction story if my life when I first Show the film it bought tears to my eyes straight Away, and the family photos i saw of the boys And their family it too.
9/11/2013 10:57:15 AM
amelia h
i like one direction and this song is very meaningful and for everyone brings up a lot of memories, good and bad. i love this song and personally think it is the best song they have written.
7/11/2013 9:43:41 AM
Jazmine Martin
Such a meaningful song, made me cry when I watched the video, when I found out that Louis' grandparents died. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION WITH ALL MY HEART! This is the story of my life!!!!!!!
5/11/2013 7:52:57 AM
There video clip is so cool and i love the song!:)
5/11/2013 7:48:31 AM
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